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National Schools Geology Challenge

 Resources for schools

Key Stage 3 (3rd-4th Level) age 11–14

Secondary School Year 7-9 (England & Wales), Year 8-10 (Northern Ireland), S1-S3 (Scotland)

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Resources from the Geological Society


Online interactive resource: The Rock Cycle

A web resource for UK Key Stage 3 (3rd-4th Level) science students, with interactive animations, UK case studies and quizzes. Find out how surface and deep Earth processes produce the rocks we stand on, and use to build our homes.


Download our fact sheets for teachers, school students and anyone interested in the Earth. Topics range from volcanoes and earthquakes to groundwater, minerals, energy and UK geology.

Presentations & Activity Sheets

Have a look at our presentations and activity sheets on the rock cycle, fossils, dinosaurs and more! 


Your Planet Earth: talks & practical exercises

Talks & discussion points for the 7-9 and 14-15-years age groups. Topics include volcanoes, dinosaurs, natural hazards, plate tectonics, climate change, oil and gas, geological time, rocks and minerals, Ice Ages, Evolution and the history of life.

Resources from other organisations

Deep Earth Explorers earth structure image

Deep Earth Explorers - Inside the Earth

Dynamic hands-on workshop developed by Deep Earth Explorers. Challenges students to use their knowledge of everyday physics to come to an understanding of the composition, structure and behaviour of the Earth's mantle. With six practical activities, this 2-hour workshop is great for introducing KS3 students to geoscience and the deep Earth.


Earth Learning Idea

Earth Learning Idea (ELI) publish Earth-related teaching ideas and practical resources every two weeks. Each activity is designed to create student participation for maximum learning, with most requiring minimal cost and equipment. They are fun, engaging and produce excellent learning outcomes!

Discovering Geology: Resources from the BGS

Education resources from the British Geological Survey for schools and colleges, lifelong learners or anyone interested in the Earth. Topics include geological hazards, time, climate change and the geology of Britain. Install a seismometer in your school to detect earthquakes or explore UK geology with Minecraft.

Energy Literacy

Free classroom resources & videos from the American Geosciences Institute, offering an interdisciplinary approach to teaching & learning about global energy flows and systems. An energy literate person knows how much energy they use and where it comes from, can make informed decisions and assess the credibility of information about energy.

Teaching Resources from

Activities and lesson plans that can easily be modified for the classroom. Topics include astronomy, earthquakes and volcanoes, plate tectonics, erosion, water, maps, rocks and minerals, and weather.

USGS World Earthquakes map

A live map from the US Geological Survey of earthquakes around the world.

Science and Geography resources from Teachit

Hundreds of teaching resources at Key Stages 3 and 4:

School resources by level & age

Key Stages, GCSEs and A Levels refer to the National Curriculum taught in England, Wales & Northern Ireland; Levels, Standards and Highers refer to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

Arrange for a geologist to visit your school



Geobus St Andrews and Geobus UCL visit schools in Scotland and London, providing Earth science resources and teaching.