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Earth Science Ambassadors

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The Geological Society are offering free Key Stage 2 workshops to schools across London. We have trained students from three top London universities to support teachers and show how interesting and inspiring Earth Sciences can be through fun demonstrations.

Our Earth Science Ambassadors will be available to deliver two curriculum linked Key Stage 2 Workshops.

Earth Sciences are taught across many subjects in the school curriculum but are often not highlighted as their own subject. We want to inspire more young people to become Earth Scientists and let them know about the exciting career opportunities available to them.

Fossils workshop:


Rock workshop:

Key discussion concepts:

• What is a fossil?

• How are fossils formed?

• Why study fossils?

• How big are dinosaurs?

• Reconstructing a fossil’s life and death

• Reconstructing past climates

• Learning reflections
  Key discussion concepts:

• Are all rocks the same?

• Does it float?

• Describing rocks

• The 3 rock types – igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic

• Where do we get rocks from?

• Recycling and reducing waste

• Learning reflections
Curriculum links;

Describe in simple terms how fossils are formed when
things that have lived are trapped within rock.
  Curriculum links;

Compare and group together different kinds of rocks
on the basis of their appearance and simple physical

These workshops will be available from Spring 2.

How to book a workshop

To book a workshop click on your chosen theme below and you will be redirected to the Stem Ambassadors website. You will be asked to create an account after which you will be able to book your session.

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  variety of different rocks

Rocks Workshop

  ammonite fossil

Fossils Workshop

The Earth Science Ambassadors scheme is kindly supported by Bluewater LLP.

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