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Harry Young’s Rock Map of Scotland

New exhibition at Burlington House

We are delighted that Harry Young has loaned The Geological Society his hugely popular rock map of Scotland to display until October 2024. 

Harry Young's rock map

Harry created this map of Scotland by travelling around the country collecting rocks. He shot to fame on social media earlier this year when his grandson posted about the map on X (Twitter). Since February, the post has been viewed more than 6.2 million times.

"I always liked going along the beach kicking up stones when I was a boy, and I always had a lucky stone in my pocket," Harry said.

"I'd never seen it done, so I just started collecting area by area. At that time I was travelling all over for work so I just collected as I went. Every rock you see on that map I went to that place and collected it.”

Harry started making the map in 1992 and added the final piece in 2020.

We are delighted that Harry has loaned The Geological Society his hugely popular map to display until October 2024. From 2 July, it will be available to view, for free, in the Upper Library of Burlington House from Tuesday to Thursday, 10am – 5pm

For those who are unable to visit during the week, we have our annual Geological Society Open House on Saturday 21 September.

We hope that by displaying Harry’s Rock Map in our free exhibition we can encourage more children, young people and adults to engage with geoscience (and science more generally). We will be developing a special series of events to celebrate the map, so make sure to keep an eye on our website.

Visitors will also be able to view William Smith's famous 1815 geological map of England and Wales, considered to be the first geological map of a complete country ever made, and a reproduction of John MacCulloch's 1840 (third issue) geological map of Scotland, the first based on an official survey and published by a government.

Screenshot of X (Twitter) post by Harry Young's grandson

Map image is © The Geological Society of London, 2024.