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Themed years

The Society's themed years aim to:

  • Bring together scientists from a variety of disciplines to talk about the challenges they face, cross fertilise ideas and create new solutions and concepts

  • Raise awareness of the importance and economic value of geology to our everyday lives

  • Address key issues in geoscience

Themed years were at the heart of the Society's 2014 Science Strategy and we selected broad, topical themes through which we could encourage discussion, debate, event ideas, related outreach and education materials as well as feeding into interdisciplinary activities across other sectors.

The activities and outputs from the themed years are designed to be resources that can be used in the long-term and we have collated a review of the themed years so far. Below you will find resource pages that detail the activities relating to the themed years and the resources created around the themed year topics.

Find out more about each year

year of sustainability

Brown sky with circular plants and Year of Space 2021 written on right

2020 Year of Life

 Year of Carbon Logo

 2018 Year of Resources 

       Year of Risk       

 Year of Water banner

 Year of Mud 2015