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Meeting proposals


The Society holds two to three hybrid events per year under the banner of our strategic science themes. The conferences are organised by the theme leaders. If you would like to put forward ideas or express interest in getting involved in convening a theme meeting, please contact the conference team at [email protected]. Additional conferences are convened by the Society’s Professional and Scientific Interest Groups and the Society’s Regional Groups and can be viewed here.

We also hold a number of virtual meetings and webinars, and are currently considering proposals for further online events. In order to propose a virtual event, please complete and submit the online proposal form found at the link below. All proposals are reviewed by the Society’s Science Committee. The Committee may accept the proposal, request modifications, or reject the proposal. All accepted proposals will be assigned a representative from the Committee to help with the programme development, and who report back to the committee on the development progress.

Conference Proposal Form

We are unable to accept proposals for hybrid or in-person events to be hosted by us. However, there are options for hosting an independent conference or event at Burlington House with the support of the events team. Please e-mail the conference team ([email protected]) for more information and current prices. For information about hosting a conference as a specialist group of the Society, please contact the conference team directly. 

Proposal guidelines

Proposing a meeting

  • The Society welcomes proposals for virtual meetings and webinars. Proposals are generally submitted by a group of two or more convenors, at least one of whom is a Fellow of the Society.
  • Proposals should ideally be submitted at least six months before the intended date of the conference, but the Society is happy to discuss options if a topic is urgent or particularly timely.
  • Once submitted, provision conference proposals are discussed by the Science Committee. They will provide feedback on the development of the conference.
  • The Science Committee will decide whether the proposal can be approved in its current state, or whether additional work or information will be necessary to make a final decision.

Convening a conference

Once a conference has been approved, the conference office will work with the convenors to develop the conference. The conference team will:

  • Set up an event page; manage registrations; put together the final conference programme; share joining instructions to attendees and speakers; and pull together the pdf abstract book.
  • The conference office will provide on the day support, including overseeing conference tech.
It is the convenors’ responsibility to:
  • Create the meeting programme; oversee abstract solicitations; and develop marketing approaches.
  • The convenors are also responsible for identifying and contacting any invited and keynote speakers.

The Geological Society will accept financial liability for the conference. Should there be any proceeds, these would be retained by the Society to support its charitable endeavours. Registration fees will be set by the conference team in discussion with the convenors. Please note that we can only offer free registration if there is a committed sponsor for the meeting; otherwise, we will only be able to offer free places to student Fellows.

Events and the Publishing House

The Geology Society Publishing House welcomes proposals for Special Publications or thematic collections for inclusion in our journals arising from meetings and events.

Special Publications are the GSL books flagship series; edited volumes providing state-of-the-art treatment of their subject area, they comprise a curated collection of around 15 – 25 papers and provide a balanced, well-structured approach to their subject. They do not need to be based on solely one event, so there is also scope for relevant collaboration with past or future meetings, or approaching individual researchers and colleagues for content. For more information on proposing a Special Publication or thematic set, please contact David Boyt, Head of Editorial Development at [email protected].