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Fellow testimonials

What people say about the Geological Society 


Being a fellow of the Geological Society has given me access to a lot of resources that have helped me in both my education and career- I owe my current position to networking at Geological Society events! The library is an invaluable resource with its trove of rare books and up to date information and the recent growth in online services is fantastic now remote working is the norm.

I would also like to say that the Society is a very friendly place and there are great people working behind the scenes to give us fellows the best possible value from our membership.

Dan Austin FGS 
Business Development Manager, Earth Science Analytics

I am incredibly proud to be a fellow of the Geological Society. Not only has it helped me in my career and guided me through my Chartership,  it also provides me with a community of like-minded colleagues and a regional community through the Regional Group Meetings. 

Most importantly, my membership supports so many brilliant activities which keeps Geoscience alive across the country. Working in Geoscience is a career path which is more important now than it has ever been, and the Geological Society showcases what an amazing and varied group of people we are.

Gemma Sherwood MSci CGeol FGS
Senior Geologist, EDF Energy

I recommend student membership. I dropped by the Library for an induction and they have such a wealth of amazing resources and very helpful staff. I will definitely be taking some study days in Burlington House next year, and encouraging more students to sign up.

Lou Robinson
University student

The Geological Society is so deeply engrained in the evolution of geoscience understanding that wherever you travel in the world it is not only known, but also respected. 

It provides a solid foundation that people trust and, as a practicing geologist in the minerals and mining industry, provides institutional credibility to an individual's personal experience through tools such as the code of ethics and CPD requirement.

Ben Lepley MESci CGeol FGS 
Environmental Consultant (ESG), SRK Consulting

I initially joined the Geological Society as a Candidate Fellow while studying at the University of Glasgow. I was starting to think about career options and becoming part of a larger geological network was a good way to learn more. 

As a Fellow, I experience a strong sense of community through the Geological Society whether it is through Regional Groups, Specialist Groups, voluntary activities, or events. While career paths in the Geosciences are many and varied, the Geological Society brings people together to share experiences and learn across disciplines. The professional benchmark of becoming a Chartered Geologist helped me to unlock opportunities to advance my career by taking on new roles and increased responsibility. By volunteering with the Geological Society I have been able to raise my professional profile and contribute to a range of important initiatives that the charity is working on to support the Geosciences in the UK and further afield.

Jessica T Smith BSc (Hons) MSc DIC CGeol FGS
Associate Engineering Geologist, Atkins

Joining the Geological Society as a student member was the best thing I did to pursue my passion for the Earth sciences. The resources that the Geological Society provides are absolutely amazing.

Andrija Kovacevic
University student

The Geological Society provides a platform for me to learn from other Geoscientists, interact with a diverse range of professional Earth scientists and participate in a wide range of high quality discussions and meetings. I hugely value the network I have developed through the society and the opportunities that the society has provided.

Caroline Gill MSci CGeol FGS
Well Delivery Lead, Shell UK

Become a Fellow

Our Fellows cover the spectrum of geoscience professions, from industry and consultancy to education and the public sector. Fellows are also entitled to use the post-nominal ‘FGS’ which shows your commitment to the highest standards of professionalism. Fellowship of the Geological Society provides a wide range of benefits for geoscientists at every career stage.

There are so many good reasons to be a member of the Geological Society

    • Connect and network within the Earth science community
    • Advance your professional development opportunities
    • Discounts on books and publications
    • Attend conferences and events
    • Access to journals and library services
    • Add your voice to our advocacy for Earth science 

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We are evolving

Our membership categories have been reduced from 17 to 10 based on where you are in your geoscience career.

The demographics of our membership has changed over the last 20 years. Many people are graduating and starting employment later. Many more are changing careers, some are retiring early whilst others are working later, and so the old fee categories were failing to accommodate a growing number of people within our community. 

At the AGM on 25 June 2021, Council approved the proposal to introduce new Fellowship categories for 2022. The new approach looks at a career-based categories model, rather than the previous age-based categories model. Initially proposed in April 2021, we have introduced these changes in response to the Fellowship Survey undertaken in 2018, the 2020 Strategic Options review and an online survey carried out in December 2020.

Our aim is to modernise the Society, reduce barriers and stimulate growth with the goal of becoming a fairer Society for all.

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