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Policy-Related Meetings

Information on selected Geological Society meetings addressing public policy issues, or concerning areas of science with particular policy relevance are added to this section. These might be research meetings, or events aimed at a mixed or non-specialist audience. The majority of the talks and presentations are recorded, and can be viewed online by clicking the event title below.

Past meetings

Shale GasShale Gas in the UK (June 2012)

A public briefing meeting to consider from a geological perspective the extent and nature of the potential resource and whether it can be extracted safely.

SATAScience and the Assembly (May 2012)

Member of the Welsh Assembly, research institutions and professional societies convened to discuss the interaction between science and sports.

Peter Kent 2012Sir Peter Kent Lecture (March 2012)

In the Society's annual lecture on science policy matters, Andrew Miller MP explored how key decisions are made in Parliament, drawing on his experience of events where GSL members have been among key experts called upon to give evidence.

anthroThe Anthropocene: A New Epoch of Geological Time? (May 2011)

An international and interdisciplinary conference to discuss whether humanity's impact on the Earth has been so significant that it defines a new geological Epoch.

radwasteRadioactive Waste Disposal: Site Characterisation (February 2011)

A two-day conference to address key questions for the next generation of nuclear waste researchers, with a dual focus on cutting-edge research and the need to build communities to meet new skills needs.

pastPast Carbon Isotopic Events and Future Ecologies (November 2010)

A two-day conference to explore how current geological and ecological synergies illuminate our understanding of the what the Earth might be like 100 years or more in the future.

nuclearNuclear Waste Management: Research Challenges for the Future (September 2010)

A two-day conference to address key questions for the next generation of researchers, who need to build and communicate an understanding of the multi-scale processes involved in the processing, packaging, disposal and regulation of nuclear waste.

Dave KingSir Peter Kent Lecture (January 2010)

The Sir Peter Kent Lecture is the Society's flagship annual lecture on science policy matters. Sir David King gave a talk on meeting the twin challenges of climate change and socio-economic development in the context of a growing global population.

CCChallenged by Carbon: The Oil Industry and Climate Change (November 2009)

Bryan Lovell presented a talk to a diverse audience of policy-makers, oil industry figures and others, on the subject of his recently published book 'Challenged by Carbon: The Oil Industry and Climate Change'.

GRThe Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste (October 2008)

A one-day open meeting to discuss developments in the characterisation of deep geology and hydrogeology appropriate for potential sites for geological disposal facilities in the UK.

RW_drum.jpgRadioactive Waste Disposal (January 2006)

A one-day meeting to review the current situation regarding the long-term management of radioactive waste from a geoscientific perspective.

NRGUK Energy to 2050 (November 2005)

To promote an integrated approach to energy policy making, a group of leading organisations commissioned a series of seminars to bring together the UK's leading scientists and economists, representing both institutions and industry.

coping or notCoping with Climate Change (2003)

A three-day international meeting organised by the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society, focusing on the geological aspects of coping with climate change.