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Diversity, equality and inclusion survey

As part of our commitment to supporting diversity, equality and inclusion in the geosciences, the Geological Society has now introduced a diversity, equality and inclusion survey for its Fellows and Candidate Fellows.

Why are we doing a diversity, equality and inclusion survey?

We want to ensure that our services are open to everyone and that our Fellowship is inclusive to anyone studying or working in the geosciences, regardless of their circumstances or background. In order to do this we need to know more about the diverse make-up of our Fellows and Candidate Fellows so that we can identify any actual or perceived barriers to inclusion. This will help us to direct resources where they are needed to make the Geological Society more equal and inclusive, and allow us to measure our success over time.

What information are we collecting?

We already ask applicants for Fellowship about their sex and their date of birth. In addition, the new Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Survey asks questions about gender identity, disability, ethnic identity, sexual orientation and religion.

How will we collect this information?

A Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Survey form will now be included as part of the application form for new applicants for Fellowship. Current Fellows and Candidate Fellows can complete the Survey form via their online accounts by logging in to their MyGSL dashboard on this website.

Do you have to complete the survey?

We appreciate that you may find some of these questions sensitive. This form is optional and no one is required to fill in the Survey form. You can answer as many or as few of the questions as you want, or choose not to fill it in at all; all of the questions also have a “Prefer not to answer” option.

We do hope that many of you will help us to find out more about the diversity of the Fellowship by completing the Survey form. The more people who do choose to contribute their data, the more accurate picture we will have of the Society’s Fellowship. This will help us to direct resources where they are needed and to ensure the Geological Society is more equal and inclusive.

What will we do with this information?

We will treat this information with the strictest confidence and store it securely in accordance with the UK Data Protection legislation. Only staff involved in the processing of this data will be able to access it.

We will use this information to report anonymous statistical data only. The general figures will be used to monitor membership recruitment and retention, to identify and address any actual or perceived barriers to inclusion and to measure our success at improving diversity over time.

We will never contact you about the information you provide on this form.

We will never share an individual’s responses with anyone or publish the information in any way that will allow individuals to be identified.

What about overseas Fellows?

We know that many of our Fellows are not based in the UK and this kind of diversity survey may not be familiar to you. We welcome overseas Fellows to complete the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Survey form, but it is optional. The categories and wording we use in these questions are based on the 2011 England Census, industry norms and best practice guidance in the UK. We apologise if the categories or terminology used are not relevant to you or you find the questions inappropriate.

Diversity Monitoring Form

If you are a Fellow or Student Member of the Geological Society, you are invited to take our diversity, equality and inclusion survey.