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University Geoscience UK resources archive


Old newsletters, presentations and reports from when the Committee was known as CHUGD are archived below. Resources from May 2015 onwards are available on the resources page.

Resources highlighted in blue are password-protected.

Minutes are available to download from the minutes and meeting papers page and the archive.

01/04/2015 CHUGD Newsletter April 2015
27/11/2012 CHUGD priorities for 2013: CHUGD 12/11/12
21/11/2012 Statement from CHUGD regarding deadlines for offers to PhD applicants ( Nov12)

Viva voce examinations: CHUGD 12/11/12
29/05/2012 GEES report for CHUGD meeting 14/05/12 (pdf)
10/05/2012 HEN report for CHUGD meeting 14/05/12
30/03/2012 CHUGD Chair's guidelines on use of hammers in the field: March 2012
09/11/2011 HEN report from Jim Andrews: CHUGD 14/11/11
15/12/2009 GEES Centre update 09/11/09
04/12/2009 CHUGD position statement: Appeal to protect curiosity-driven research
18/06/2009 GeolSoc Education Department update: CHUGD 11/05/09

GEES subject centre update: CHUGD 11/05/09

GEES outreach strategies mini case studies: CHUGD 11/05/09
28/04/2009 OPITO Shared Agenda Setting Event Feb 2009: CHUGD 11/05/09
26/02/2009 BGS schools seismology project (PowerPoint): CHUGD 10/11/08

OPITO higher education agenda setting event (PowerPoint): CHUGD 10/11/08

Report from GeolSoc Education Committee: CHUGD 10/11/08

GEES subject centre update: CHUGD 10/11/08
19/09/2008 Requirements for accreditation 2008:
23/03/2008 Geological Society Requirements for Accreditation
05/11/2007 Report to CHUGD from the Geological Society Education Committee
30/10/2007 BS 8848 Response - Cover Letter
23/10/2007 Neil Thomas PowerPoint Presentation
23/10/2007 Report of Geological Society Education Committee
15/05/2007 Update Report on Pinchpoint Project 7 - Annette Thomas (word)

CHUGD Guidelines on Outcrop Coring

GEES Conference Flier (pdf)

GEES Update 21/05/07
30/10/2006 UCAS Acceptance Figures 2002
31/08/2006 Schools in Receipt of ESEU Workshops (excel)

Report from the Geological Society Education Committee

An AAPG Perspective on Recruitment (ppt)

CHUGD Fieldwork Survey
02/05/2006 GEES Subject Centre Update - May 2006
31/03/2006 CHUGD Response to HEFCE on TRAC-Funding (pdf)
20/12/2005 EQF - Ireland: Explanatory note on the European Commission Proposal Document (Word)

EQF - Commission Staff Working Document (PDF)

Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council 7/9/05 on the recognition of professional qualifications (PDF)
28/10/2005 CHUGD Response to Benchmark Statements

GEES News Letter October 2005
03/10/2005 GEES News Letter May 2005

GEES Creativity Paper April 2005
20/05/2004 Response to RAE Consultation Document [in Word Format]

Response to RAE Consultation Document [in PDF]


Papers & Resources


Minutes and Resources are available from the links below. Resources from before May 2015, when the Committee was known as CHUGD, are archived.

Minutes & Meeting Papers:

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