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Minor Minerals, Major Implications: Using Key Mineral Phases to Unravel the Formation and Evolution of Earth's Crust

Product Code: SP537
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited By: V. van Schijndel, K. Cutts, I. Pereira, M. Guitreau, S. Volante, M. Tedeschi
Publication Date: 11 January 2024
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Special Publications 537

The investigation of key mineral phases such as zircon, apatite, titanite, rutile, monazite, xenotime, allanite, baddeleyite and garnet, explored in this book, has provided breakthroughs in our understanding of continental crust composition and evolution, as well as the timing, conditions, petrogenetic and geodynamic processes related to its growth and reworking. Therefore, the continuing development of analytical techniques, improvement of tools, data handling, processing, and interpretation allow us to extract and better understand these complex geological processes. This special publication aims at showcasing contributions reviewing the tools and applications of these key minerals, recent technique developments, and new applications using focused case studies investigating igneous, metamorphic and/or detrital rocks that help us put together the continental crust evolution puzzle. This volume highlights the progress made in studies using these key minerals and their future potential.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 14 January 2024

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205940
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 489
Weight: 1.2 kg


van Schijndel, V., Cutts, K. A., Pereira, I., Guitreau, M., Volante, S. and Tedeschi, M. Minor minerals, major implications: using key mineral phases to unravel the formation and evolution of Earth’s crust 


Pereira, I., van Schijndel, V., Tedeschi, M., Cutts, K. and Guitreau, M. A review of detrital heavy mineral contributions to furthering our understanding of continental crust formation and evolution

Volante, S., Blereau, E., Guitreau, M., Tedeschi, M., van Schijndel, V. and Cutts, K.  Current applications using key mineral phases in igneous and metamorphic geology: perspectives for the future

Novel approaches

Joachim-Mrosko, B., Konzett, J., Ludwig, T., Griffiths, T., Habler, G., Libowitzky, E. and Stalder, R. Al and H incorporation and Al-diffusion in natural rutile and its high-pressure polymorph TiO2 (II)

Denys, A., Auzende, A.-L., Janots, E., Montes-Hernandez, G., Findling, N., Lanari, P. and Magnin, V. Experimental alteration of allanite at 200°C: the role of pH and aqueous ligands

Glorie, S., Hand, M., Mulder, J., Simpson, A., Emo, R. B., Kamber, B., Fernie, N., Nixon, A. and Gilbert, S. Robust laser ablation Lu–Hf dating of apatite: an empirical evaluation

Mako, C. A., Caddick, M. J., Law, R. D. and Thigpen, J. R. Monazite–xenotime thermometry: a review of best practices and an example from the Caledonides of northern Scotland

Cutts, K. A., Lana, C., Stevens, G. and Buick, I. S. In situ Pb–Pb garnet geochronology as a tool for investigating polymetamorphism: a case for Paleoarchean lateral tectonic thickening

Fumes, R. A., Luvizotto, G. L., Pereira, I. and Moraes, R. Trace element changes in rutile from quartzite through increasing P–T from lower amphibolite to eclogite facies conditions


Schulz, B. and Krause, J. Electron probe petrochronology of monazite- and garnet-bearing metamorphic rocks in the Saxothuringian allochthonous domains (Erzgebirge, Granulite and Münchberg massifs)

Skuzovatov, S., Wang, K.-L., Li, X.-H., Iizuka, Y. and Shatsky, V. Zircon trace-element and isotopes (U–Pb, Lu–Hf, δ18O) response to fluid-deficient metamorphism of a subducted continental terrane (North Muya, Eastern Siberia)

Blereau, E. and Spencer, C. Re-evaluating metamorphism in the southern Natal Province, South Africa

Alam, M., Kaulina, T. V., Varma, R. R. and Ahmad, T. Zircon U–Pb geochronology, Nd isotopes and geochemistry of mafic granulites from the Central Indian Tectonic Zone: isotopic constraints on Proterozoic crustal evolution


Gumsley, A. P., de Kock, M., Ernst, R., Gumsley, A., Hanson, R., Kamo, S., Knoper, M., Lewandowski, M., Luks, B., Mamuse, A. and Söderlund, U.  The Mutare–Fingeren dyke swarm: the enigma of the Kalahari Craton’s exit from supercontinent Rodinia

Arzamastsev, A. A., Belyatsky, B. V., Rodionov, N. V., Antonov, A. V., Lepekhina, E. N. and

Sergeev, S. A. Evolution of the neoarchean Kola alkaline granites, northeastern Fennoscandian

Shield: insights from SHRIMP-II titanite and zircon U–Pb isotope and rare earth elements data

Lim, H., Nebel, O., Weinberg, R. F., Nebel-Jacobsen, Y., Barrote, V. R., Park, J., Myeong, B. and Cawood, P. A. Lower crustal hot zones as zircon incubators: Inherited zircon antecryts in diorites from a mafic mush reservoir

Baggott, K., Jacobsen, Y., Nebel, O., Mulder, J., Raveggi, M., Wang, X.-Y., Vandenburg, E., Lim, H., Rogers, A., Etschmann, B., Whitmore, R., Churchus, A. and Jennings, L. On the virtues and pitfalls of combined laser ablation Rb–Sr biotite and U–Pb monazite–zircon geochronology: an example from the isotopically disturbed Cape Woolamai Granite, SE Australia

Lai, Y.-M., Liu, P.-P., Chung, S.-L., Ghani, A. A., Lee, H.-Y., Quek, L. X., Li, S., Roselee, M. H., Murtadha, S., Lintjewas, L. and Iizuka, Y. Zircon U–Pb geochronology and Hf isotopic compositions of igneous rocks from Sumatra: implications for the Cenozoic magmatic evolution of the western Sunda Arc




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