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Ice Ages, Climate Dynamics and Biotic Events: The Late Pennsylvanian World

Product Code: SP535
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S.G. Lucas, W.A. DiMichele, S. Opluštil, and X. Wang
Publication Date: 19 June 2023
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Special Publication 535

The Late Pennsylvanian was a time of ice ages and associated climate dynamics. A major reduction in Gondwana ice-volume was followed by a prolonged period of relative global warmth, culminating in the last great ice age of the late Paleozoic. It also was a major turning point in the evolution of life on land, when the coal forests of the Middle Pennsylvanian gave way to new kinds of Late Pennsylvanian wetland vegetation, and new kinds of animals appeared. Changes in the terrestrial biota began during the Middle Pennsylvanian, accelerating and proceeding in a spatially complex manner throughout the Late Pennsylvanian. The Late Pennsylvanian is thus a laboratory for studying environmental changes in a glacial world, and for assessing coeval biotic changes, in part to establish the possible links between the two. No book has been dedicated to this time interval, so this volume fills a gap in our understanding of a dynamic Late Pennsylvanian world that is much like the late Cenozoic world.

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Published on the Lyell Collection 07 June 2023.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205919
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 505
Weight: 1.3 kg



Lucas, S. G., DiMichele, W. A., Opluštil, S. and Wang, X. An introduction to ice ages, climate dynamics and biotic events: the Late Pennsylvanian world


Wang, X., Hu, K. and Li, Y. Timescale for the Kasimovian Stage

The Cantabrian Stage

Knight, J. A., Cleal, C. J. and Álvarez-Vázquez, C. The challenge of relating the Kasimovian to west European chronostratigraphy: a critical review of the Cantabrian and Barruelian substages of the Stephanian Stage

Nelson, W. J., Lucas, S. G. and Elrick, S. D. The Cantabrian Substage should be abandoned: revised chronostratigraphy of the Middle–Late Pennsylvanian boundary

Pfefferkorn, H. W. Pennsylvanian-age plant macrofossil biostratigraphy in tropical Pangaea: uniformitarianism, catastrophes and the ‘Cantabrian’ problem

Geological context

Iannuzzi, R., di Pasquo, M. M., Vesely, F. F., Scherer, C. M. S., Andrade, L. S., Mottin, T. and Kifumbi, C. Pennsylvanian glacial cycles in western Gondwana: an overview

Griffis, N., Mundil, R., Montañez, I., Le Heron, D., Dietrich, P. and Iannuzzi, R. A Carboniferous apex for the late Paleozoic icehouse

Heckel, P. H. North American Midcontinent Pennsylvanian cyclothems and their implications

Gulbranson, E. L. and Tabor, N. J. A global perspective of soil-forming conditions during the Late Pennsylvanian: potential stochastic forcing by geosphere–biosphere carbon pools

Soreghan, G. S., Heavens, N. G., Pfeifer, L. S. and Soreghan, M. J. Dust and loess as archives and agents of climate and climate change in the late Paleozoic Earth system

Opluštil, S. and Schneider, J. W. Middle–Late Pennsylvanian tectonosedimentary, climatic and biotic records in basins of Europe, NW Turkey and North Africa: an overview


DiMichele, W. A., Eble, C. F., Pfefferkorn, H. W., Elrick, S. D., Nelson, W. J. and Lucas, S. G. Kasimovian floristic change in tropical wetlands and the Middle–Late Pennsylvanian Boundary Event

Schachat, S., Baresch, A., Bui, T., Falcon-Lang, H. J., Chaney, D. S., Nelson, W. J., Elrick, S. D., Kerp, H., Lucas, S. G. and DiMichele, W. A. Vegetational change during the Middle–Late Pennsylvanian transition in western Pangaea

Wilson, J. P., Oppler, G., Reikowski, E., Smart, J., Marquardt, C. and Keller, B. Physiological selectivity and plant–environment feedbacks during Middle and Late Pennsylvanian plant community transitions

Invertebrate palaeontology

Barrick, J. E., Hogancamp, N. J. and Rosscoe, S. J. Evolutionary patterns in Late Pennsylvanian conodonts

Hu, K., Wang, X. and Qi, Y. Biostratigraphy and biofacies of the Kasimovian conodonts from the Shanglong section, South China

Donovan, M. P., Schachat, S. R. and Monarrez, P. M. Ecological and evolutionary responses of terrestrial arthropods to Middle–Late Pennsylvanian environmental change

Vertebrate palaeontology

Lucas, S. G. Middle to Late Pennsylvanian tetrapod evolution: the Kasimovian bottleneck



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