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Conservation Palaeobiology of Marine Ecosystems

Product Code: SP529
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R. Nawrot, S. Dominici, A. Tomašových, M. Zuschin
Publication Date: 03 July 2023
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Special Publication 529

Conservation palaeobiology tracks the history of ecosystems based on the fossil record to guide conservation decisions and contribute to the theoretical foundations of conservation biology. The accelerating pace of global change requires better understanding of the long-term resilience and adaptive capacities of ecosystems. Fossil assemblages in outcrops and cores, together with surface accumulations of skeletal remains, represent unique archives of past ecosystem dynamics and baseline community states prior to anthropogenic impacts. However, as biological data retrieved from fossil and death assemblages cannot be treated in isolation, conservation palaeobiology integrates palaeontological and geological tools to account for the nature of the stratigraphic record. This volume brings together studies that demonstrate how combining marine palaeoecological records with other types of geohistorical data (taphonomic, sedimentological, geochronological, geochemical) can inform biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management. The papers highlight novel approaches and challenges in applying geohistorical data to conservation problems, discuss the limitations imposed by time averaging, and offer both deep- and near-time perspectives on conservation palaeobiology of marine ecosystems.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 21 June 2023

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205773
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 402
Weight: 1.1 kg



Tomašových, A., Dominici, S., Nawrot, R. and Zuschin, M. Temporal scales, sampling designs and age distributions in marine conservation palaeobiology

Surface death assemblages in conservation palaeobiology

Albano, P. G., Hua, Q., Kaufman, D. S. and Zuschin, M. Young death assemblages with limited time-averaging in rocky and Posidonia oceanica habitats in the Mediterranean Sea

Edelman-Furstenberg, Y. Taphonomy of bivalve skeletal remains as a means of detecting changes in oxygen depletion and recognizing ancient upwelling environments

Kokesh, B. S. and Stemann, T. A. Dead men still tell tales: bivalve death assemblages record dynamics and consequences of recent biological invasions in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica

Mamo, B. L., Cybulski, J. D., Hong, Y., Harnik, P. G., Chao, A., Tsujimoto, A., Wei, C.-L., Baker, D. M. and Yasuhara, M. Modern biogeography of benthic foraminifera in an urbanized tropical marine ecosystem

Meadows, C. A., Grebmeier, J. M. and Kidwell, S. M. Arctic bivalve dead-shell assemblages as high temporal- and spatial- resolution archives of ecological regime change in response to climate change

Smith, J. A., Pruden, M. J., Handley, J. C., Durham, S. R. and Dietl, G. P. Assessing the utility of death assemblages as reference conditions in a common benthic index (M-AMBI) with simulations

Tomašových, A., García-Ramos, D. A., Nawrot, R., Nebelsick, J. H. and Zuschin, M. Millennial-scale changes in abundance of brachiopods in bathyal environments detected by postmortem age distributions in death assemblage (Bari Canyon, Adriatic Sea)

Integrating surface and subsurface fossil records

Bauder, Y., Mamo, B., Brock, G. A. and Kosnik, M. A. One Tree Reef Foraminifera: a relic of the pre-colonial Great Barrier Reef

Berensmeier, M., Tomašových, A., Nawrot, R., Cassin, D., Zonta, R., Koubová, I. and Zuschin, M. Stratigraphic expression of the human impacts in condensed deposits of the Northern Adriatic Sea

Ivkić, A., Puff, F., Kroh, A., Mansour, A., Osman, M., Hassan, M., Ahmed, A. E. H. and Zuschin, M. Three common sampling techniques in Pleistocene coral reefs of the Red Sea: a comparison

Leonhard, I. and Agiadi, K. Addressing challenges in marine conservation with fish otoliths and their death assemblages

Poirier, C., Caline, B., Fournier, J. and Tessier, B. Historical changes in mollusc communities from a temperate chenier ridge system (Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, France)

Rodriguez-Ruano, V., Toth, L. T. and Aronson, R. B. Assigning causality to events in the Holocene record of coral reefs

Scarponi, D., Rojas, A., Nawrot, R., Cheli, A. and Kowalewski, M. Assessing biotic response to anthropogenic forcing using mollusc assemblages from the Po–Adriatic System (Italy)

Deep-time approaches in conservation palaeobiology

Caswell, B. A. and Herringshaw, L. Marine bioturbation collapse during Early Jurassic deoxygenation: implications for post-extinction marine ecosystem functioning

Danise, S. and Dominici, S. Biodiversity change and extinction risk in Plio-Pleistocene Mediterranean bivalves: the families Veneridae, Pectinidae and Lucinidae

Dominici, S. and Danise, S. Mediterranean onshore–offshore gradient in the composition and temporal turnover of benthic molluscs across the middle Piacenzian Warm Period




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