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Enabling Secure Subsurface Storage in Future Energy Systems

Product Code: SP528
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J.M. Miocic, N. Heinemann, K. Edlmann, J. Alcalde, R.A. Schultz
Publication Date: 31 August 2023
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Special Publication 528

The secure storage of energy and carbon dioxide in subsurface geological formations plays a crucial role in transitioning to a low-carbon energy system. The suitability and security of subsurface storage sites rely on the geological and hydraulic properties of the reservoir and confining units. Additionally, their ability to withstand varying thermal, mechanical, hydraulic, biological and chemical conditions during storage operations is essential. Each subsurface storage technology has distinct geological requirements and faces specific economic, logistical, public and scientific challenges. As a result, certain sites can be better suited than others for specific low-carbon energy applications. This Special Publication provides a summary of the state of the art in subsurface energy and carbon dioxide storage. It includes 20 case studies that offer insights into site selection, characterization of reservoir processes, the role of caprocks and fault seals, as well as monitoring and risk assessment needs for subsurface storage operations.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 24 August 2023.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205766
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 514
Weight: 1.3 kg



Miocic, J. M., Heinemann, N., Alcalde, J., Edlmann, K. and Schultz, R. A. Enabling secure subsurface storage in future energy systems: an introduction

Overarching topics

Schultz, R. A., Heinemann, N., Horváth, B., Wickens, J., Miocic, J. M., Babarinde, O. O., Cao, W., Capuano, P., Dewers, T. A., Dusseault, M., Edlmann, K., Goswick, R. A., Hassanpouryouzband, A., Husain, T., Jin, W., Meng, J., Kim, S., Molaei, F., Odunlami, T., Prasad, U., Lei, Q., Schwartz, B. A., Segura, J. M., Soroush, H., Voegeli, S., Williams-Stroud, S., Yu, H. and Zhao, Q. An overview of underground energy-related product storage and sequestration

Schultz, R. A., Williams-Stroud, S., Horváth, B., Wickens, J., Bernhardt, H., Cao, W., Capuano, P., Dewers, T. A., Goswick, R. A., Lei, Q., McClure, M., Prasad, U., Schwartz, B. A., Yu, H., Voegeli, S. and Zhao, Q. Underground energy-related product storage and sequestration: site characterization, risk analysis and monitoring

Babarinde, O., Schwartz, B., Meng, J., Kim, S., Segura, J. M., Schultz, R. A. and Soroush, H. An overview of geological carbon sequestration and its geomechanical aspects

Miocic, J., Heinemann, N., Edlmann, K., Scafidi, J., Molaei, F. and Alcalde, J. Underground hydrogen storage: a review

Kim, S., Dusseault, M., Babarinde, O. and Wickens, J. Compressed air energy storage (CAES): current status, geomechanical aspects and future opportunities

Compernolle, T., Eswaran, A., Welkenhuysen, K., Hermans, T., Walraevens, K., van Camp, M., Buyle, M., Audenaert, A., Bleys, B., van Schoubroeck, S., Bergmans, A., Goderniaux, P., Baele, J.-M., Kaufmann, O., Vardon, P. J., Daniilidis, A., Orban, P., Dassargues, A., Serge, B. and Piessens, K. Towards a dynamic and sustainable management of geological resources

Site selection and characterization

Vishal, V., Verma, Y., Sulekh, K., Singh, T. N. and Dutta, A. A first-order estimation of underground hydrogen storage potential in Indian sedimentary basins

Allsop, C., Yfantis, G., Passaris, E. and Edlmann, K. Utilizing publicly available datasets for identifying offshore salt strata and developing salt caverns for hydrogen storage

Peecock, A., Edlmann, K., Mouli-Castillo, J., Martinez-Felipe, A. and McKenna, R. Mapping hydrogen storage capacities of UK offshore hydrocarbon fields and exploring potential synergies with offshore wind

Schwartz, B. A. and Menefee, A. H. Techno-economic analysis of coupling wind-powered green hydrogen production with geological storage

Vishal, V., Singh, U., Bakshi, T., Chandra, D., Verma, Y. and Tiwari, A. K. Optimal source–sink matching and prospective hub–cluster configurations for CO2 capture and storage in India

Ayala, C., Benjumea, B., Mediato, J. F., García-Crespo, J., Clariana, P., Soto, R., Rubio, F., Rey-Moral, C., Pueyo, E. L., Martín-León, J., García, A. G., Fernández-Canteli, P. and Martínez-Orio, R. Developing a new innovative methodology to integrate geophysical techniques into characterization of potential CO2 storage sites: Lopín structure (southern Ebro Basin, Spain)

Reservoir processes

Alshakri, J., Hampson, G. J., Jacquemyn, C., Jackson, M. D., Petrovskyy, D., Geiger, S., Machado Silva, J. D., Judice, S., Rahman, F. and Costa Sousa, M. A screening assessment of the impact of sedimentological heterogeneity on CO2 migration and stratigraphic-baffling potential: Sherwood and Bunter sandstones, UK

Scafidi, J., Schirrer, L., Vervoort, I. and Heinemann, N. An open-source tool for the calculation of field deliverability and cushion-gas requirements in volumetric gas-reservoir storage sites

Yang, L., Cai, Z., Li, C., Guo, C. and He, Q. Numerical assessments of the effects of injected air temperature and well configuration on the cycle performance in compressed air energy storage in aquifers

Meyer, H., Smith, J. D., Bourne, S. and Avouac, J.-P. An integrated framework for surface deformation modelling and induced seismicity forecasting due to reservoir operations

Wilkinson, M., Carruthers, K. and Haszeldine, R. S. Trace metals in CO2-rich Green River springs, Utah, USA: an analogue for engineered storage

Caprocks and fault seals

AlNajdi, N. and Worden, R. H. Porosity in mudstones and its effectiveness for sealing carbon capture and storage sites

Schmitt, R. R., Andrews, G. D. M., Moore, J., Paronish, T., Workman, S., Gumowski, L. M., Brown, S. R., Crandall, D. and Neubaum, J. Self-sealing mafic sills for carbon and hydrogen storage

Kim, H. and Makhnenko, R. Y. Evaluation of CO2 sealing potential of heterogeneous Eau Claire shale

Bretan, P. Assessing the predictive capability of the empirical Shale Gouge Ratio–buoyancy pressure calibration: implications for estimating CO2 column heights

Monitoring and risk assessment

Schmitt, D. R., Dávila, G., Yam, H., Njiekak, G. and Kofman, R. Effects of CO2 phase state on the seismological properties of porous materials: implications for seismic monitoring of volcanic hazards and sequestered carbon

Weinzierl, W., Ganzer, M., Rippe, D., Lüth, S. and Schmidt-Hattenberger, C. Mass-balance threshold matching of geoelectric and seismic data: a case study from Ketzin

Leetaru, H. E., Williams-Stroud, S., Freiburg, J., McBride, J. and Whittaker, S. Geological risk and uncertainty for underground storage of buoyant fluids, lessons learned in Illinois

McMahon, C. J., Roberts, J. J., Johnson, G., Edlmann, K., Flude, S. and Shipton, Z. K. Natural hydrogen seeps as analogues to inform monitoring of engineered geological hydrogen storage

New subsurface storage concepts

Waltham, D., Holt, K. B., Kuenzel, S., Basu, A. and Lecoeur, N. Subsurface flow batteries: concept, benefits and hurdles




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