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Volcanic Processes in the Sedimentary Record: when Volcanoes meet the Environment

Product Code: SP520
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A. Di Capua, R. De Rosa, G. Kereszturi, E. Le Pera, M. Rosi and S.F.L. Watt
Publication Date: 18 April 2023
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Special Publication 520

Co-published with IAVCEI.

Volcanoes and sedimentary systems are linked by a strong relationship. The ascent and eruption of magma liberates large volumes of material, through a variety of mechanisms, to the surrounding environment, with subsequent sediment input and transport influencing the evolution of that environment. This connection between volcanism and adjacent sedimentary systems has long attracted the attention of geologists, giving rise to an increasing body of academic research over the past three decades. Volcanic Processes in the Sedimentary Record: When Volcanoes Meet the Environment collects innovative works exploring how volcanoes and sedimentary systems interact, moving from the processes directly associated with eruptive behaviour, to the most distal sedimentary offshoots, where volcanogenic particles are accumulated during or after volcanic activity. In doing this, different volcanic and environmental settings are explored, travelling through space and time, showing how volcaniclastic detritus is produced and dispersed by volcanic, volcano-sedimentary and sedimentary mechanisms, via processes affecting development of volcanic edifices themselves through to the most distal depocentres.

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Published on the Lyell Collection 14/04/2023.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205667
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 673
Weight: 1.65 kg


Di Capua, A., De Rosa, R., Kereszturi, G., Le Pera, E., Rosi, M. and Watt, S. F. L. From volcanoes to sedimentary systems

Particle generation and transport in volcanically influenced sedimentary systems

Di Capua, A., De Rosa, R., Kereszturi, G., Le Pera, E., Rosi, M. and Watt, S. F. L. Volcanically-derived deposits and sequences: a unified terminological scheme for application in modern and ancient environments

Major, J. J. Subaerial volcaniclastic deposits – influences of initiation mechanisms and transport behaviour on characteristics and distributions

Knuever, M., Sulpizio, R., Mele, D. and Costa, A. Magma–rock interactions: a review of their influence on magma rising processes with emphasis on short-timescale assimilation of carbonate rocks

Smellie, J. L. Sedimentation associated with glaciovolcanism: a review

Guilbaud, M.-N., Chédeville, C., Molina-Guadarrama, Á.N., Pineda-Serrano, J. C. and Siebe, C. Volcano-sedimentary processes at Las Derrumbadas rhyolitic twin domes, Serdán-Oriental Basin, Eastern Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt

McLeod, O. E. and Pittari, A. A channelized debris-avalanche deposit from Pirongia basaltic stratovolcano, New Zealand

Tenuta, M., Donato, P., Dominici, R. and De Rosa, R. The influence of volcanic supply on the composition of modern river sands: the case study of the Ofanto River, southern Italy

Morrone, C., Le Pera, E., Marsaglia, K. M. and De Rosa, R. Provenance controls on volcaniclastic beach sand: example from the Aeolian archipelago, Mediterranean Sea

Cabral Pinto, M., Dinis, P. A., Pitta Groz, D., Marques, R., Prudêncio, M. I., Moura, R., Tavares Rocha, F. and Ferreira da Silva, E. Weathering on volcanic edifices under semiarid climates: insights from a regional assessment of the composition of Fogo Island regoliths (Cape Verde)

Bischoff, A., Fensom, J., Tang, H., Rossetti, M. and Nicol, A. Processes controlling volcanic and epiclastic reservoir formation in a buried polygenetic stratocone

Geodynamics and progradation of volcaniclastic sequences through sedimentary systems

Critelli, S., Criniti, S., Ingersoll, R. V. and Cavazza, W. Temporal and spatial significance of volcanic particles in sand(stone): implications for provenance and palaeotectonic reconstructions

Stoppa, F., Cirilli, S., Sorci, A., Broom-Fendley, S., Principe, C., Perna, M. G. and Rosatelli, G. Igneous and sedimentary ‘limestones’: the puzzling challenge of a converging classification

Non-marine environments

Passey, S. R., McLean, C. E. and Ayalew, D. Controls on sediment distribution in a volcanically-affected basin: insights from the Ethiopian Flood Basalt Province

Pioli, L., Melis, R. T. and Mussi, M. Volcaniclastic sedimentation in a closed, marginal rift basin: the case of the Melka Kunture area (upper Awash, Ethiopia)

Kataoka, K. S. From ‘source to sink’ to ‘sink to source’: a review of volcanic fluvial and lacustrine successions in Japan

Ulloa, H., Mazzorana, B., Iroumé, A. and Paula, S. Assessing woody vegetation recovery in the Rayas River following the eruption of the Chaitén Volcano in 2008

Martin-Merino, G., Roverato, M. and Almeida, R. Volcaniclastic lacustrine sedimentation in the Pleistocene Guayllabamba intermontane basin in the Ecuadorian Andes

Capra, L., Roverato, M., Bernal, J. P. and Cortés, A. Evidence of the Early Holocene eruptive activity of Volcán de Colima and the 8.2 kyr global climatic event in lacustrine sediments from a debris avalanche-dammed lake

Gihm, Y. S. Physical and chemical depositional processes when volcanoes meet lacustrine environments: the Cretaceous Imjado Volcanics, Jeungdo, southwestern Korea

Marine environments

Sohn, Y. K., Sohn, C., Yoon, W. S., Jeong, J. O., Yoon, S.-H. and Cho, H. Volcano–air–sea interactions in a coastal tuff ring, Jeju Island, Korea

Chang, Y.-C., Mitchell, N. C., Hansteen, T. H., Schindlbeck-Belo, J. C. and Freundt, A. Volcaniclastic deposits and sedimentation processes around volcanic ocean islands: the central Azores

Lokier, S. W. Marine carbonate sedimentation in volcanic settings

Freundt, A., Schindlbeck-Belo, J. C., Kutterolf, S. and Hopkins, J. L. Tephra layers in the marine environment: a review of properties and emplacement processes

Environmental responses to eruptions: eruptions, climate and sedimentation

da Cruz, V. G. P., de Lima, E. F., Rossetti, L. de M. M. and Pasqualon, N. G. Rapid changes from arid to humid conditions during the onset of the Paraná–Etendeka Igneous Province: can volcanic gas emissions from continental flood basalts affect the precipitation regime?



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