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Tectonics of the Western Mediterranean and North Africa

Product Code: SP262
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G. Moratti and A. Chalouan
Publication Date: 14 September 2006
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This book provides an insight into the overall tectonic evolution of the Western Mediterranean region and North Africa. The tectonic setting of the region reflects a long-lived and complex evolution, mainly related to the Alpine Orogeny. This inheritance is expressed by an intricate pattern of arc-shaped mountain chains, the Alps, the Betic–Rif Cordilleras and the Apennine–Maghrebian belt, whose southern branches mark the present limit between the African and Eurasian plates. The volume covers the Maghrebian chains in North Africa, from Tunisia to Morocco and the Western and Central Mediterranean, from Spain to Italy from the pre-orogenic phases (Palaeozoic–Mesozoic) to the post-collisional neotectonic and Quaternary development. It includes both original research papers and syntheses dealing with the aspects of structural, sedimentary, metamorphic and marine geology.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-202-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-202-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 392
Weight: 1.15 kg


'Verrucano' and 'Pseudoverrucano' in the centralwestern Mediterranean Alpine chains: palaeogeographic evolution and geodynamic significance, V. Perrone, A. Martín-Algarra, S. Critelli, F. A. Decandia, M. D'Errico, A. Estevez, A. Iannace, A. Lazzarotto, M. Martín-Martín, I. Martín-Rojas, S. Mazzoli, A. Messina, G. Mongelli, S. Vitale, M. N. Zaghloul 
• 'Transgressive washing' concept: a sequence stratigraphic approach for calci- and siliciclastic turbidites, Kh. El Kadiri, A. Chalouan, A. Bahmad, F. Salhi, H. Liemlahi
Aptian sedimentation: an example of interaction between tectonics and eustatics in Central Tunisia, F. Chaabani, S. Razgallah
Synsedimentary tectonics of the Triassic Carbonate Formation of the Oujda mountains (Eastern Meseta, Morocco): geodynamic implications, M. Oujidi, O. Azzouz, S. Elmi
Recent palaeostresses from striated pebbles related to fold development in a mountain front: the Prerif Ridges (Rif Cordillera, Morocco), P. Ruano, K. Bargach, J. Galindo-Zaldívar, A. Chalouan, M. Ahmamou
Tectonic wedge escape in the southwestern front of the Rif Cordillera (Morocco), A. Chalouan, J. Galindo-Zaldívar, M. Akil, C. Marín, A. Chabli, P. Ruano, K. Bargach, C. Sanz de Galdeano, M. Benmakhlouf, M. Ahmamou, L. Gourari 
• Geophysical and geological interpretation of discrepancies in site residuals in northern Morocco: a simple qualitative approach, L. Ait Brahim, I. Mouayn, A. Abdelouafi, M. Benhalima, B. Tadili
Fluid geochemistry versus tectonic setting: the case study of Morocco, F. Tassi, O. Vaselli, G. Moratti, L. Piccardi, A. Minissale, R. Poreda, A. Delgado Huertas, A. Bendkik, M. Chenakeb, D. Tedesco
Factorial correspondence analysis: a useful tool in palaeogeographic reconstructions. example from late Cretaceous calciturbidites of the northwestern External Rif (Morocco), Kh. El Kadiri, K. El Kadiri, A. Chalouan, A. Bahmad, F. Salhi, H. Liemlahi
Mauretanian flysch nappe in the northwestern Rif Cordillera (Morocco): deformation chronology and evidence for a complex nappe emplacement, A. Chalouan, A. El Mrihi, Kh. El Kadiri, A. Bahmad, F. Salhi, R. Hlila
Transgressiveregressive facies cycles in late Cretaceous calciturbidites from the Mauretanian Series (Beni Ider thrust sheet, northwestern External Rif, Morocco): an application of the 'facies tract–facies sequence' concepts, Kh. El Kadiri, K. El Kadiri, A. Chalouan, A. Bahmad, F. Salhi, H. Liemlahi, R. Hlila
Regional correlations across the Internides/Externides front (northwestern Rif Belt, Morocco) during the Late Cretaceous–Early Burdigalian times: palaeogeographical and palaeotectonic implications, Kh. El Kadiri, C. Sanz de Galdeano, A. C. López-Garrido, A. Chalouan, F. Serrano, A. Bahmad, A. Guerra-Merchán, H. Liemlahi
Fault and fold interaction during the development of the Neogene–Quaternary Almería–Níjar basin (SE Betic Cordilleras), A. Pedrera, C. Marín-Lechado,  J. Galindo-Zaldívar, L. R. Rodríguez-Fernández, A. Ruiz-Constán
The Upper Cretaceous in the Tagus Basin (Central Spain): sequential analysis based on oil-well data and outcrop correlation, M. Segura, T. Polo, J. F. García-Hidalgo, J. Gil, B. Carenas, A. García 
• Miocene to present major fault linkages through the Adriatic indenter and the Austroalpine-Penninic collisional wedge (Alps of NE Italy), M. Massironi, D. Zampieri, A. Caporali
Palaeogeography of the Upper Cretaceous–Eocene carbonate turbidites of the Northern Apennines from provenance studies, A. Argnani, D. Fontana, C. Stefani, G. G. Zuffa
The Argille Varicolori unit in Lucania (Italy): a record of tectonic offscraping and gravity sliding in the Mesozoic-Tertiary Lagonegro Basin, southern Apennines, L. Mattioni, E. Tondi, P. Shiner, P. Renda, S. Vitale, G. Cello
Tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Plio-Pleistocene Sant’Arcangelo Basin (Southern Apennines, Italy), M. Benvenuti, M. Bonini, G. Moratti, F. Sani
Chronology of the Middle-Upper Pliocene succession in the Strongoli area: constraints on the geological evolution of the Crotone Basin (Southern Italy), L. Capraro, C. Consolaro, E. Fornaciari, F. Massari, D. Rio
Crustal magnetism of the southern Tyrrhenian sea from aeromagnetic surveys, G. L. Piangiamore, O. Faggioni, M. S. Barbano
Hinterland geology and continental margin growth: the case of the Gioia Basin (southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea), F. Gamberi, M. Marani
Active faults and inferred seismic sources in the San Vito lo Capo peninsula, northwestern Sicily, Italy, E. Tondi, D. Zampieri, G. Giunta, P. Renda, M. Alessandroni, M. Unti, A. Giorgianni, G. Cello



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