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Tracing Tectonic Deformation using the Sedimentary Record

Product Code: SP208
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by T McCann and A Saintot
Publication Date: 05 March 2003
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Geological Society Special Publication 208

The study of sediments and sedimentary basins in terms of their tectonic environment requires a multidisciplinary approach and has increasingly drawn both techniques and objectives from fields outside sedimentology. The application of different theoretical, experimental and empirical resources provided by structural geology, geochemistry, geophysics, scale modelling, and field geology, complement sedimentological methods, with the combined aim of achieving a deeper understanding of the origins, evolution and significance of sedimentary sequences in terms of their tectonic history.

Studies presented in this volume range across a wide spectrum from the analysis of sedimentary sequence architecture at basin scale down to the chemical properties of individual grains, and include studies from a range of tectonic settings.

The volume will be of interest to those involved with, or contemplating, studies involving the linkages between tectonics and sedimentation, as well as a wider audience to whom the results of such studies may provide fresh insight.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-129-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-129-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 368
Weight: 1.13 kg


Evolution of the southern margin of the Donbas (Ukraine) from Devonian to Early Carboniferous times, T McCann, A Saintot, F Chalot-Prat, A Kitchka, A Alekseev and P Fokin • Middle Jurassic Cretaceous extensional tectonics and sedimentation in the Eastern External Zone of the Betic Cordillera, E Fernandez-Fernandez, F Gonzalez-Lodiero and A Jabaloy • Sedimentary Response to Tectonics in Extensional Basins: the Pechelbronn formation (Late Eocene to Early Oligocene) in the Northern Upper Rhine Graben, Germany, C Derer, M Kosinowski, H P Luterbacher, A Schafer and M P Suess • Evaluation of controlling factors on facies distribution and Evolution in an arid Continental Environment - an example from the Rotliegend of the NE German basin, H Rieke, T McCann, J F W Negendank, and C M Krawczyk • Sequence Stratigraphy of the Baltic Silurian succession: Tectonic Control on the foreland infill, J Lazauskiene, S Sliapua, A Brazauskas and P Musteikis • Geodynamic evolution and paleogeography of the Polish Carpathians and adjacent areas during Neo-Cimmerian and preceding events (latest Triassic - earliest Cretaceous), J Golonka, M Krobicki, N Oszczypko, A Slaczka and T Slomka • Partitioning pre-, syn- and post-Variscan deformation in the Holy Cross Mountains, eastern Variscan foreland, J Lamarche, M Lewandowski, J-L Mansy, J. -L. Mansy, M Szulczewski, M. Szulczewski • The Tamworth Belt in southern Queensland, Australia: thrust characterized geometry concealed by Surat Basin sediments, W Wartenberg, R J Korsch and A Schafer • Subsidence, stress regime and rotation(s) of a tectonically active sedimentary basin within the Western Alpine orogen: the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (Alpine domain, Northwest Italy). B Carrapa, G Bertotti, W. Krijgsman and W Krigsman • Time, place, and mode of propagation of foreland basin systems as recorded by the Sedimentary fill: Examples of the late Cretaceous and Eocene retroforeland basins of the north-eastern Pyrenees, F Christophoul, J-C Soula, S Brusset, B Elibana, M Roddaz, G Bessiere and J Deramond • Active or passive continental margin? Geochemical and Nd isotope constraints of metasediments in the backstop of a pre-Andean accretionary wedge in southernmost Chile (46 30'-48 30'S) C Augustsson and H Bahlburg • Oligocene-early Miocene tectonic evolution of the Northern Apennines (Northwestern Italy) traced through Provenance of Piggy-back Basin fill successions. U Cibin, A Di Giulio and L Martelli • Precise tracing of exhumation and provenance using 40 Ar/39 Ar geochronology of detrital white mica: the example of the Central Alps, H Von Eynatten and J R Wijbrans • Effects of rate and nature of Synkinematic sedimentation on the growth of compressive structures constrained by analogue models and field examples, T Nalpas, D Gapais, J Verges, L Barrier, V Gestain, G Leroux, D Rouby and J-j Kermarec • Silurian sedimentation in East Siberia: evidence for variations in the rate of tectonic subsidence occurring without any significant sea-level changes, E V Artyushkov and P A Chekhovich •


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