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The RFG White Paper, Mineral Resources and Future Supply, sets out to inform and stimulate discussion about resource/ reserve estimation and supply/ demand modelling, and invites comment from academia, industry, national geological surveys and research funders.

Resourcing Future Generations

Global economic and social development relies upon the discovery, production and utilisation of water and energy resources and mineral commodities.  But how can these apparently limited resources continue to accommodate not only the growing global population, but their right to improve their standard of living?  Where can we find stable and long-term supplies of the resources we need, and how can we ensure that they will be extracted in ways that are economically feasible, environmentally sound and socially responsible?

The International Union for Geosciences (IUGS) is developing a novel global initiative, called “Resourcing Future Generations”, to bring geoscientists together to address the world’s future resource needs head-on.  Resourcing Future Generations is an international collaborative programme that will comprise research, data mining, technical development, outreach and education.

You can read more about the Resourcing Future Generations initiative below

Resourcing Future Generations Policy Statement

Resourcing Future Generations: A Global Effort to Meet the World’s Future Needs Head-On

Resourcing Future Generations: A Global Effort to Meet the World’s Future Needs Head-On REPORT


RFG Group_July 2015

Resourcing the future - Global initiative meets challenges of climate change head on

From July 25 - 30, the Resourcing Future Generations (RFG)1 initiative met in Namibia to develop an expert consensus document, aiming to raise the profile of this issue at the highest level of international decision making. The group began by identifying a number of key premises...