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2016 Italy Earthquake

Italy Earthquake August 2016

In the early hours of 24 August 2016, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck central Italy, southeast of Norcia. The quake occurred as a result of shallow normal faulting on a NW-SE orientated fault in the Central Apennines. 

This is a tectonically and geologically complex area, due to the subduction of the Adria micro-plate beneath the Appenines from east to west, as well as continental collision between the Eurasia and Africa plates building the Alpine mountain belt further north, and the opening of the Tyrrhenian basin to the west. Several significant earthquakes have been recorded in the area in recent history.

The earthquake struck at a depth of 10km, with an epicentre around the town of Accumoli. At time of writing (24 August), the earthquake has claimed 73 lives, with many more missing and injured.

Italy Earthquake and Seismic Hazards in the Region

USGS have put together some information on their website detailing when and where the earthquake occurred and the tectonic setting with some useful maps and diagrams.

BBC article on earthquakes in the Apennines

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Earthquake Poster

USGS Poster_Italy_Earthquake_Aug16

A poster from the U.S. Geological Survey with details on the earthquake.

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