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The Information and Help page should answer any questions you might have, but if you have any queries that are not answered here, please contact us.

Who will look at my CPD record and why?

You will! It is one place to record activities that might go into your cv. If going through the Chartership process or applying to become EurGeol, your assessors will look at the record as evidence of a serious approach to professional development. If applying to become a Scrutineer, the selection process requires evidence of a professional approach to CPD.

We will – as part of the audits of CPD activity that we carry out to ensure that Fellows meet the requirements of the chartering authorities (ourselves, the Science Council, and the European Federation of Geologists).

Why do I need 90 hrs now when previously it was 60 points?

The CPD system has been completely redesigned to make it simpler and as a result hours have replaced points. In the old system points were weighted and could require between 1h to 8h per point depending on the activity. The minimum number of hours under the old system to generate 60 points was between 165 hrs to 380 hrs.

What happens if I can't clock up 90 hrs?

There are many good reasons why Fellows might not gather enough points, such as maternity leave or a break in employment. Your CPD activity can help you through such periods. You may be eligible for an exception with reduced qualifying hours. See the Minimum hours table (Regulations R/FP/13) for more information.

I am recording CPD using my employers scheme; do I also need to record on the GSL's scheme?

If you are recording on an alternative CPD scheme and do not wish to re-enter CPD data on our scheme, you can let us know by contacting [email protected]

What counts as CPD?

Fundamentally, CPD comprises any activity that develops one’s work-related knowledge, experience and skills. CPD activities should range from formal learning, like attending conferences, through to informal, like reading relevant textbooks and journals. What must be done is not prescribed; it is for the individual to decide what they need to do. If in doubt about whether an activity counts towards CPD, consider how it benefits one’s CPD and, or, PDP. If enhanced skills or knowledge relevant to one’s work and, or, career can be demonstrated, then it is admissible. 

Why record CPD?

A vital part of the cyclical or recursive CPD system is a review or reflection of the year’s achievements compared to those planned at the beginning of the year. And if the CPD events are not recorded as and when they are performed, it is very difficult to remember all activities to be able to review them at or towards the end of the reporting period. Additionally, without a written record of the entire plan → act → reflect cycle of CPD, it is not possible to demonstrate to others, such as clients, employers present and future, as well as the GSL CPD audit panel, that CPD has been undertaken in accordance with GSL Regulation RF/P/13 – CPD. 

Where can I find a full explanation of the requirements of the CPD scheme?

The requirements, an explanation of the categories and activity types, and other terms used in connection with the scheme can be found on the CPD Activities page.