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CPD Mind Map and Activities

A Mind Map of possible CPD activities has been developed for the new system and there are now six main categories.

Click on the map for a larger view.

Formal learning;  Informal learning;   Professional practice;   Self-directed study;   On the job learning;    Other

CPD Mind Map 2017 

You can also download a PDF copy of the Mind Map and the complementary look up table for a your use.

The categories and activities within the Mind Map are listed below.

Formal learning

Post-qualification academic study - higher degrees; diplomas; study to develop specialist skills; academic research

Developing, organising and or attending - External course - conferences; seminars

                                                                            - Internal courses - briefings; tested training

Foreign language study

Informal learning

Preparing/presenting training material - courses; site inductions; toolbox talks; workshops

Sharing knowledge & skills with others

Job secondment

Attendance at - workshops; lectures; technical meetings

Watching training films & tv (TEN)

Professional practice

Contributing to knowledge - writing/editing papers, books or conference proceedings; referee/peer review of papers, books etc. for publication; presenting lectures, teaching

Helping younger professionals - coaching/tutoring, mentoring, sponsoring, examining

Literature reviews and case studies


Expert witness

Formal role in learned and professional bodies - GSL - committee work; scrutineering reviewing, auditing

                                                                                          - Other bodies - committee work; other duties

Self-directed study

Private studies - reading technical papers in journals; webinars; focused internet research; distance learning; reviewing/summarising publications; being mentored; reading text books

Reflective CPD practice

On-the-job learning

Management - managing staff & teams; teamwork & leadership; peer guidance & discussions; H&S training & site inductions; professional & business development; contract preparation & management; project management

Active participation in meetings - multi-professional project meetings; client meetings; multi-disciplinary team meetings

Work shadowing

Participating in webinars

Developing technical skills - geological skills; modelling; data analysis


Developing business skills - communication (oral and written), leadership, negotiating, financial skills (bidding, marketing) IT & computing

Strategic thinking & planning

Working groups - focus groups, forums, panels

Volunteering - STEM; WISE; RIGS