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The Society's portrait and bust collection

The Geological Society holds a large number of images of its Fellows, collected throughout the 200 years’ of its existence. In the Archives there are around 1500 modestly sized photographs, engravings and drawings of our members, but the larger, more distinguished paintings and busts can be seen displayed around the rooms and staircase of the Society’s apartments in Burlington House.

This exhibition focuses on these grander works, giving an introduction to the individuals depicted and their connections with the Society.

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Mary Anning   William Babington   James Scott Bowerbank - Fyfe thumbnail
William Buckland
Mary Anning    William Babington   
James Scott 
   William Buckland
 Henry Thomas De la Beche    Hugh Falconer   Geikie Fyfe thumb    Greenough Fyfe thumb
 Henry Thomas
De la Beche
Hugh Falconer
Archibald Geikie
  George Bellas
 Thomas Henry Huxley   Charles Lyell   Macculloch Fyfe thumb   Gideon Mantell
Thomas Henry

Charles Lyell   John MacCulloch   Gideon Algernon
Murchison Fyfe thumb    William Pengelly   John Phillips
  Joseph Prestwich
Roderick Impey
  William Pengelly    John Phillips    Joseph Prestwich
A C Ramsay thumb   Sedgwick Fyfe thumb
  William Smith
  Henry Woodward
Andrew Crombie
  Adam Sedgwick   William Smith   Henry Woodward
    British Association
  Discussion on the Piltdown Skull
     British Association  
Discussion on the
Piltdown Skull