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Holoptychius rugosus Agassiz

Scales of Holoptychius rugosus Agassiz 
Whilst Louis Agassiz was in Edinburgh for the annual British Association meeting of 1834, he took the opportunity to visit the private and institutional fossil collections of the city. One of the collections he went to see was the museum of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, eventually requesting that 94 of its specimens be sent down to London to be drawn. These seven fish scales from the fossil fish Holoptychius rugosus Agassiz were drawn by Joseph Dinkel possibly between 1834-1835 (LDGSL/614/1/54). The drawing is marked 'Hibbert', referring to Samuel Hibbert (later Samuel Hibbert Ware) who found a number of fossil fish specimens in the limestone quarry at Burdiehouse (an area about four miles south of Edinburgh), and presumably indicating that these scales were discovered by him.