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Roger Michael Knight (1951 – 2020)

A visionary researcher, recognised for his work on offshore oil-and-gas infrastructure and deep-water technology

Roger KnightDr Roger Knight was born on 16 September 1951, to Marguerite and Arthur Knight. He started his education at Haslewood school in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, before following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps by attending Richard Hale Grammar school, where he excelled at most subjects, especially geological sciences, in which he obtained an AS level with distinction.

Roger read geology at University College London, where in 1971 he was awarded the Morris Prize. In 1976, Roger was awarded his PhD after extensive fieldwork on the Kenya Rift Valley in the Narok area, and laboratory work in the UK.

Roger was a Fellow of the Geological Society, a Corporate Member of the Institution of Geologists, and the secretary of the Professional Matters Committee of the Institution of Geologists. He was also a member of the Geologist’s Association and a member of the Information for Energy Group of the Institute of Petroleum.

Extensive knowledge

Prior to the Islamic Revolution, Roger worked as a lecturer in petrology and structural geology at Pahlavi University, Shiraz, Iran. On his return to England in 1980, he started work as the editor and consultant in Brown’s Geological Information Services in London, where amongst many publications he produced a monthly bulletin on various geological topics, including Offshore Geology Abstracts.

In 1987, Roger joined Hollobone Hibbert Management Consultants, and worked as a research and energy analyst. His work in offshore energy continued at Infield System Ltd. where for over 25 years he worked as an offshore field data manager. Upon merging with Wood Mackenzie Analytical Business, Roger moved to Wood Mackenzie until he retired in 2018 to care for his elderly father.

Roger was a brilliant and visionary researcher, who achieved important recognition in geological research in offshore oil-and-gas infrastructure and deep-water technology. He was passionate about his work and during his long career, which expanded over four decades, he achieved extensive knowledge of global offshore oil-and-gas that he shared with all through his numerous papers and articles in various geological publications and magazines, as well as in a great number of worldwide industry reports.

Dependable and generous

Roger was a learned, dependable, and generous man, who devoted his life to family and hard work. His caring personality, talent, sense of humour and boundless knowledge in an assortment of subjects, due to his extensive love of reading, will be sorely missed.

His legacy includes a collection of around 5,000 books, two children, three grandchildren and a wife of 44 years.
He is forever in our hearts.

By Guity Knight & Natalie Wickens