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London Geodiversity Action Plan

Comments on Draft London Geodiversity Action Plan

Submitted 19 August 2010 
  1. The Geological Society is very pleased to see the development of the London Geodiversity Action Plan. It seems to us to be well done, although we have not made any attempt to review it in detail.
  2. We support the development and implementation of local Geodiversity Action Plans, but we do not feel that the Society itself is ideally suited to provide detailed advice at this level. However, the Geoconservation Commission, which operates under the auspices of the Society, is active and expert in this area, and we would encourage you to consult with them as you take forward delivery of the plan. The Geoconservation Commission reports regularly to our External Relations Committee, providing a link to our Council and to the wider activities of the Society. If you wish to seek any particular input from the Society as a whole, further to your contact with the Geoconservation Commission, we would be happy to speak with you.
  3. The Geological Society remains committed to playing its part in supporting geodiversity planning and its implementation at a national level, in collaboration with the Geoconservation Commission.