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Higher Education Network

The Geological Society established a Higher Education Network in 2010.

The purpose of the Network is to bring together those researching and teaching in the Higher Education sector to develop and discuss best practice in areas of shared interest; and to grow the Society’s engagement with this community. 

Such shared interests often cross the disciplinary specialisms which our Specialist Groups serve – they include:

  • Geoscience pedagogy and curriculum development;
  • Student skills requirements (e.g. field skills); professional formation and development (not a matter exclusively of interest to those working in industry);
  • Knowledge transfer and university-industry-government collaboration;
  • Intellectual property protection and development;
  • and Outreach from the Higher Education sector, linking to Earth science education in schools and the wider community.

The Network works collaboratively with the Society’s Education Committee, the HE Academy, ESTA, University Geoscience UK and other bodies nationally and internationally.

Join the mailing list

At present we are using a JISCmail distribution list. Using JISCmail allows messages to be archived, only members of the list are able to post to it and there is scope for discussion as well as announcements.

Anyone can subscribe to the group. You do not have to register with jiscmail to join the list but you will have to be registered with jiscmail if you wish to read the archives.


HEN Annual Meeting 15-16 January 2019: Past Meeting Resources

Run jointly with DiG UK, the 2019 Higher Education Network (HEN) Annual Meeting had a theme of 'Good Practice in Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in GEES Higher Education' - Download the presentations.

Higher Education Network
HEN Annual Meeting

The HEN Annual meeting, run jointly with DiG UK, was held on 15-16 Jan 2019 with the theme of 'Good Practice in Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in GEES Higher Education'

Contact us

The staff contact for the Higher Education Network at the Geological Society is Judi Lakin. View the HEN committee for details of committee members.