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G3 conference: Breakthroughs in interdisciplinarity for geohazard risk reduction

26 March 2024
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Conference, Online Training, Virtual event
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Geological Society Events, Geohazards, Online Training
Virtual event
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Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

This is the first conference of the Geological Society’s ‘Geohazards, Geoengineering and Georesilience’ theme. This online conference focuses on stories of georesilience, and it will share, and celebrate, the interdisciplinary processes and outputs that aim to lessen the adverse impacts of geohazards.

Geohazards can bring about great change to lives, livelihoods and landscapes; but there is still much to learn about how humans experience, understand and cope with hazardous events and their aftermath. Natural hazards are all around us and there is an uncomfortable familiarity with the narratives of death, destruction and disruption that accompany these events.

On the other hand, stories of togetherness and deepening of social bonds can enhance individual and community resilience and support recovery. Arguably more extraordinary than the event itself, these stories of resilience have a power beyond those that own them. We are championing more creative and emotionally attentive approaches to communicating about geohazards and risk reduction. In light of this, the Georesilience conference will combine an art exhibition with traditional academic posters and presentations; so we encourage participants to use different art forms to engage fellow attendees.


Anna Hicks (Volcanologist/Disaster Risk Reduction Geoscientist, British Geological Survey) – LinkedIn

Aggeliki Georgiopoulou (Principal Marine Geologist, Energy) – LinkedIn

Irene Manzella (Associate Professor in Geotechnical Engineering for Natural Hazard Risk Management, Head of The Centre for Disaster Resilience, University of Twente) – LinkedIn


The call for abstracts is now closed. Please contact [email protected] for any late submissions (although we cannot guarantee that these will b considered).

Please note that those whose submissions have been accepted will be asked to register for the event. We will be sharing details of timings shortly.


Programme will be released early 2024.

Time & Location

This conference will take place virtually via Zoom.



   1 Day Rate
 Fellow   £50
 Non-Fellow  £80
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 Student Member
 Retired Fellow  £50
 Speaker (Fellow)  £50
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 Corporate Affiliate  £60

Group Discounts:

5–9 delegates: 10% off

10–14 delegates: 15% off

15 delegates or more: 20% off

Please contact [email protected] for any group bookings.

2 Day Rate 
Fellow  £50 £90
£80 £130
Student Non-Member £15 £25
Student Member* £0 £0
Retired Fellow £60 £110
Speaker (fellow) £50 £90
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£60 £110

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