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Rain, Rivers and Reservoirs

27 - 29 September 2016
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Event type:
Conference, Field trip
Organised by:
Geological Society Events
Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University
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The science of rain, rivers and reservoirs spans from ‘clear gold’ water, to ‘black gold’ oil.  Following in the footsteps of the successful first Rain, Rivers and Reservoirs workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil in September 2015, this workshop brought together geoscientists and civil engineers with different backgrounds to generate new interdisciplinary approaches to key problems in our adjacent subject areas. 

Session themes included

  • Modern and Ancient Rivers
  • Floods and Flood Controls
  • Modern Rivers
  • India

Keynote speakers were

  • Professor Mike Blum (University of Kansas) - 'Organisation and Reorganisation of Drianage and Sediment Routing Through Time: Examples from the Mississippi System, Geological Past to Near Future'
  • Professor Jim Best (University of Illinois) - 'Describing Fluvial Systems: linking process to deposits and some considerations of grain size and scale'
  • Paul Mellon (Transport Scotland) & Alistair Chisholm (Arup) - 'The Queensferry Crossing: Bridge Foundations in an Estuarine Environment'

Field Trip

  • Post Conference Field Trip: Spirelacks Adandoned Surface Coal Mine, Ayrshire: Carboniferous Geology, Ancient and Modern Water Issues led by Graham Leslie (BGS) and Dom Tatum (HWU)

Read the SCARP (Scottish Carboniferous Research Park) article in the August 2016 issue of Geoscientist.

Programme, abstract book and speaker presentations

The final programme, conference abstract book and approved speaker presentations are available to download.


Patrick Corbett   (Heriot-Watt University) 
Diarmad Campbell
 (BGS Edinburgh/Lyell Centre)
Gareth Pender   (Heriot-Watt Univ)
Adrian Hartley  (Aberdeen Univ)
Hugh Sinclair   (Edinburgh Univ)
Daniel Barreto   (Napier Univ)
Arjan Reesink   (Southampton Univ)
Chris Hackney  (Southampton Univ)
Adebayo Adeloye   (Heriot-Watt Univ)
Jaan Pu  (Bradford Univ)
Qiuhua Liang  (Newcastle Univ)
Ryan Pereira   (Newcastle Univ)
Mingfu Guan   (Leeds Univ)
John Simmons  (Consultant)

For further information about this past conference or information about Rain, Rivers and Reservoirs III in India, please email Patrick Corbett


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