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Earth Science Week 2021


Join us online from 10 - 16 October to explore the amazing ways in which the geoscience community are working to bring geology into the wider world through innovative outreach projects.

Earth Science Week


  • To engage students in discovering the Earth sciences.
  • To remind people that Earth science is all around us.
  • To encourage Earth stewardship through understanding.
  • To motivate geoscientists to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the Earth.

Classroom activities for teachers and other educators

Monday - Mineral Day

Beach pebbles often showcase the rich variety of minerals that make up the rocks nearby, and are a common source of inspiration for many young geologists.

Explore Scotland’s Beach Pebbles with the Scottish Geology Trust during this year's Scottish Geology Festival.

There are over 20 Beach Pebble events on across Scotland until 17 October - but if you can’t make it to one - you can still download their Beach Pebble Guide and go explore!

Created by the Scottish Geology Trust for the Scottish Geology Festival, this guide is designed to help anyone:
  • Explore the variety of pebbles on Scotland’s beaches
  • Find out what these pebbles tell us about Scotland’s geological story
  • Learn about beach processes and the impact of climate change on the coast
  • Try out some hands-on beach pebble activities next time you visit the beach

Other Resources

Mineral Resources

Mineral Education Resources

Minerals in a smartphone poster

Mineral resources card game

Minerals UK - is the British Geological Survey's Centre for Sustainable Mineral Development. This website has a wealth of information on mineral resources, mineral planning, policy and legislation, sustainable development, statistics and exploration.

Tuesday - Earth Observation Day

Observing the Earth from above - using drones, planes, satellites, and other aircraft - provides information to scientists, researchers, farmers, forest managers, policy makers, and many others that helps them make decisions about resources and our environment.

The NASA and USGS Landsat program has been observing our Earth every day since 1972 - collecting images and data to help land managers and policymakers make informed decisions.

The Landsat program is also responsible for some of the most amazing visuals we have of our planet - such as these images of North American rivers that feature on the Earth Science Week 2021 Landsat poster , which explores the theme of 'Water Today and for the Future'. 

earth science week landsat image 1  earth science week landsat image 2 
earth science week landsat image 4  earth science week landsat image 5 

 page one of earth science week game This creative game (Ages: 8+ Players: 2-4) helps players understand how water resources are used and can be managed for the future.

Wednesday - Fossil Day

Thursday - Geoscience is for everyone

Join us in encouraging everyone to explore the geosciences!

Friday - Geological Map Day

We have been collecting geological maps since 1808. Our Library has over 40,000 maps from the beginnings of geology to modern mapping. It's one of the most comprehensive collections of geological mapping in the world.

Check out our new video 'A short History of Geological Mapping: from William Smith to present'. Join Owen Green, University of Oxford, and Mike Searle, Oxford University Museum Of Natural History, for a whistle-stop tour of geological mapping through the ages in preparation for our William Smith virtual meeting (19-21 October 2021). Join us to explore the historical importance, the principles, and value of geological mapping.

Explore life on mars, as told through maps with our colleagues at the Royal Astronomical Society. Hear the story of the early mapping of Mars and discover how the evolution of their interpretations popularised the belief that Mars sustained intelligent life forms.

Take a look behind the scenes and discover the treasure trove that is our map collection. Learn about the history of some of our most special pieces. Let our President, Mike Daly, and our Map and Systems Librarian, Paul Johnson, show you some of our incredible collection hosted within Burlington House.

Historic maps from our collection are available to buy as high-quality prints through our Picture Library. Browse these pages for a glimpse of our varied and rare collections which cover all aspects of geoscience.

The UK and Ireland are home to some of the most diverse and beautiful geology in the world. For Earth Science Week 2014, we celebrated this unique geo-heritage by launching a map of 100 Great Geosites.

Find amazing geosites near you

Browse the range of map-based activities and education resources on offer from the American Geosciences Institute:

Check out this new paper in the Scottish Journal of Geology exploring a new geological map in Scotland, the first to make use of biostratigraphic units.