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Maps, Meteorites, Mary Anning & the Missing Link

GSL Library Courtyard LatesOn Friday 15 July, as part of the Burlington House Courtyard Lates programme, the Library hosted a geological salon attended by over 70 members of the public.

The evening began with pre-lecture lightening talks: Duncan Hawley and John Henry discussed how the first geological maps of Britain were created, Tom Sharpe examined the identification of the Jurassic marine reptiles discovered by Mary Anning and David Bate revealed the audacious Piltdown fraud which fooled the leading scientists of the day into believing that Britain was the cradle of modern humanity.

The audience then moved to the Upper Library where Professor Paul Henderson presented his lecture Meteorites - "Stones said to have fallen from the clouds” , a history of the theories of the origins of meteorites before the concept of modern science.

The talks were brought to life by the Society's archives and special collections - our famous geological maps, the painting of the Piltdown fraud, the letters and drawings of Mary Anning, and the Society's very own meteorite which fell in 1822!

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