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Gold Rush! A geological time-travelling treasure hunt

Gold Rush Library EventOn Friday 27 July 2018 the Library took part in the 3rd annual Burlington House Courtyard Lates event, opening our doors for a special treasure hunt.

The background to the event was the break up of the Society's Museum in 1911 and the fictionalised account of the last Curator hiding one precious item somewhere in the building!

The clues followed the geological timescale and the 19th century geologists who first defined it, allowing treasure hunters to understand the context of the wonderful range of paintings, maps, books and specimens which are held in the Library's collection. We were also delighted to display casts of dinosaur skulls and skeletons which were on loan to us for the evening.

We're pleased to say that all our intrepid treasure hunters found where X marked the spot and claimed their prize of fool's gold!

We also welcomed 60 additional members of the public on the night who were able to see some of our famous portraits such as Mary Anning and William Smith and our early geological maps of England and Wales.


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