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President's Days 2008-2011

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President's Day 2011

Christopher Paola (Lyell Medal)

Professor, Department of Geology and Geophysics and St Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota
"Small worlds: what laboratory-scale experiments can tell us about sedimentary basins and the stratigraphic record"

E Bruce Watson (Murchison Medal)

Institute Professor, Experimental Geochemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"The Pros and Cons of Equilibrium"

Stuart Haszeldine (William Smith Medal) 

Professor of Carbon Capture and Storage, University of Edinburgh
"Geological storage of CO2 and radioactive waste: liability or giant green-business?"

Stephen Sparks CBE (Wollaston Medal) 

Professor of Geology, University of Bristol
"Global volcanic risk"

Bryan Lovell (Presidential Address)

Awards ceremony

President's Day 2010

Prof William F Ruddiman (Lyell Medal)

'New Support for the Early Anthropogenic Hypothesis'
Professor Emeritus, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia

Prof Randall Parrish (Murchison Medal)

'Exploring the earth system, grain by grain, with a map, hand lens and mass spectrometer'
Head of NERC’s Isotope Geosciences Laboratory

Dr Henry W Posamentier (William Smith Medal)

'Exploring the subsurface – applications of integrated seismic stratigraphic and geomorphologic analyses from the deep abyss to the alluvial plain'
Senior Consultant Geologist, Chevron Energy Technology Company, Houston, Texas

Prof Richard H Sibson (Wollaston Medal)

'Coupled Fluid and Fault Activity Near the Base of the Seismogenic Zone (How Faults Get Loded)'
Professor Emeritus, Department of Geology, University of Otago, New Zealand

Lynne Frostick (Presidential Address)

Awards ceremony

President's Day 2009 

Paul Hoffman - Wollaston Medal 

Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology Emeritus, Harvard University
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada
(Paul Hoffman was unable to attend due to ill health, and his talk was delivered by Ian Fairchild)

Nick McCave - Lyell Medal

Emeritus Woodwardian Professsor of Geology
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

David Kohlstedt - Murchison Medal

Institute of Technology Distinguished Professor & Head
Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Minnesota

Michael J. Russell - William Smith Medal

NASA Senior Research Fellow
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Lynne Frostick - Presidential Address

President's Day 2008

Presidential Address - Prof. Richard Fortey

Lyell Medallist - Dr. Alan Smith

Murchison Medallist - Dr. Mike Searle

William Smith Medallist - Prof. Martin Sinha

Wollaston Medallist - Norm Sleep