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President's Day 2012

Awards Ceremony

Watch the full awards ceremony:

Bryan Lovell (Presidential Address)

Yo-yo tectonics, hot blobs and a warm planet

Medallists' Talks

Watch the Senior Medallists' Talks from 2012 below:

Eric Wolff (Lyell Medal)

Science Leader (Chemistry and Past Climate) at British Antarctic Survey and Honorary Visiting Professor in School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton
Talk title: Ice cores and interglacials

Frank Spear (Murchison Medal)

Professor and Head of Department Earth and Environmental Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Talk title: Thirty years of metamorphic P-T-t paths: what we have learned about orogenesis 

William Aspinall (William Smith Medal)

Cabot Professor in Natural Hazards and Risk Science, Visiting Industrial Professor, University of Bristol
Talk title: A restless volcano and restive volcanologists: uncertain judgements and uncertain risks 

Chris Hawkesworth (Wollaston Medal)

Deputy Principal and Vice-Principal (Research), University of St Andrews
Talk title: The generation and destruction of continental crust