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The Bryan Lovell Meeting

Autumnal Flood

The Bryan Lovell Meeting is a flagship meeting of the Geological Society which focuses on the geoscience relevant to major societal challenges such as those outlined in the Society’s ‘Geology for Society’ report. These challenges include climate and environmental change, energy and raw material resource security, radioactive waste management and water availability.

Bringing together experts and practitioners from across multiple geoscience specialisms and other disciplines, the meeting will often be associated with the Society’s annual science themes.

Past meetings

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Bryan Lovell Meeting 2019

The focus this year was on how decarbonisation is central to Government and international policy. National experts from industry, academia, and government looked at the geological and reservoir engineering aspects of the problem with an objective to identify the high level barriers to progress and the main science questions.

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Bryan Lovell Meeting 2017

The second Bryan Lovell meeting focused on the mineral resource needs of the future.  This meeting was aimed at bringing together a wide community of geoscientists and others to explore how we can address this challenge, and start to develop a roadmap for this multidisciplinary effort.

Bryan Lovell Meeting

Bryan Lovell Meeting 2016

The first Bryan Lovell meeting focused on the geoscientific aspects of water and risk and how they intersect in the context of societal challenges such as environmental change and water-related geohazards, including flooding, tsunami, sinkholes and mudflows.