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2021 Award Winners Announced

The Geological Society is pleased to announce the 2021 winners of our medals, funds and awards. The 18 individuals are being honoured for their contributions to the geosciences and the geoscience profession. The Society will announce further details about the awards ceremony later in the year.


Wollaston Medal
Prof David Pollard, Stanford University, California, USA

Lyell Medal
Prof Nicholas White, University of Cambridge, UK

Murchison Medal
Prof Graham Pearson, University of Alberta, Canada

William Smith Medal
Dr Phil Christie, Schlumberger Cambridge Research, UK

Prestwich Medal
Prof Sanjeev Gupta, Imperial College London, UK

Dewey Medal
Prof Kenneth McCaffrey, University of Durham, UK

Coke Medals
Prof Chris Jackson, Imperial College London, UK
Dr Helen Reeves, Jacobs, UK

Distinguished Service Award
Dr Sheila Peacock, Blacknest (AWE), UK

RH Worth Medal
Dr Anjana Khatwa, Wessex Museums, UK

Bigsby Medal
Prof Marie Edmonds, University of Cambridge, UK

Aberconway Medal
Dr Caroline Gill, Shell UK Ltd, UK


Wollaston Fund
Dr Emma Liu, University College London, UK

Lyell Fund
Dr Luke Parry, University of Oxford, UK

Murchison Fund
Dr Andrew Thomson, University College London, UK

William Smith Fund
Dr Fabian Wadworth, University of Durham, UK

President’s Award

Dr Finnegan Illsley-Kemp, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Dr Jazmin Scarlett, UK