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Regional Groups Committee

The Regional Groups Committee reports to the Professional and Chartership Committee.


To recognise the Regional Groups as a vital part of the Society and how it communicates with its Fellows.

Terms of reference

  1. Facilitate communication between Regional Groups, share expertise and good-practice, and discuss opportunities for running joint activities with other Regional, Specialist or external groups;
  2. Communicate Geological Society strategy and developments to the Regional Groups;
  3. Bring to the notice of the Professional and Chartership Committee opinions and proposals designed to promote the interests of the Society and advise them on matters of local interest or concern.


The Regional Groups Committee (RGC) is a subcommittee of the Professional and Chartership Committee (P&CC). The Chair of the RGC will be a member of the P&CC, and will also be a member of Council and a Vice President of the Society. The Chair, through the RGC, will be responsible for discharging the responsibilities set out in the Terms of Reference, and any tasks passed to the committee by the P&CC and Council. The work of the RGC will be supported by the Fellowship Office.

The RGC will consist of the Chairpersons and Secretaries of the 16 Regional Groups and one other Council Member who also sits on P&CC. The secretariat will be provided by the Fellowship Services Manager.

Method of working

The RGC will meet at least twice a year. At least one meeting a year will be conducted face-to-face, the others dealing with routine matters to be conducted electronically as appropriate.

Committee Members


  • Mr Keith Seymour (Vice President Regional Groups)

Other Members

  • Chairs and Secretaries of all Regional Groups


  • Mr Mohammed Jahangir (Fellowship Services Manager)