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Academic Accreditation Committee

The Academic Accreditation Committee reports to the Professional and Chartership Committee. 


Dr Andrew Smith 2016

Other members

Mrs Natalyn Ala 2010
Dr Tiffany Barry 2023
Dr Kate Brodie 2009
Prof Pete Burgess 2023
Prof Nigel Cassidy 2012
Dr Udeme Dickson 2023
Dr Simon Dominy 2023
Prof Peter Doyle 2010
Prof Godfrey Fitton 2014
Prof Sally Gibson 2010
Prof Mike Harris 2011
Prof Tim Henstock 2019
Dr David Hodgetts 2017
Prof Kip Jeffrey 2007
Dr Graham McLeod 2017
Dr Catherine Mottram 2023
Prof Roger Moore 2010
Prof Tim Reston 2017
Prof Kevin Taylor 2023
Dr James Wheeley 2023
Dr Penelope Wilson 2023


Prof Andy Saunders (Accreditation Officer)
Mr Mohammed Jahangir (Head of Membership)
Ms Donna Prisley (Minutes Secretary)

Page last updated: December 2023