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Education Committee

The Education Committee reports to the External Relations Committee.


  • Promote the Earth sciences as an exciting and challenging opportunity for study at University, attracting the best A-level/Higher science candidates.
  • Raise the profile of Earth science related careers to secondary school children.
  • Support and promote the continuing and stimulating presence of geosciences throughout the core primary and secondary school curriculum, working with others.
  • Promote awareness of the Earth sciences among the general public, including its significance in relation to global concerns about energy, water, minerals and other physical resources.
  • Develop an increased awareness of the earth sciences amongst science and geography teachers who are not trained geologists, and support them in delivering Earth science content and examples in the core school curriculum.
  • Support Geology as an A-level/Higher subject.

Terms of reference

  • To establish a vision and strategy for the development of, and support for, geoscience education in the UK.
  • To promote the Society as one of the leading bodies for geoscience education in the UK, and one that can work effectively with other organisations in this field.
  • To ensure that the Society maintains a coherent policy for education at all levels in the light of national and international developments.
  • To provide guidance on the integration and management of educational activities within the Society
  • To serve as a steering group for the activities of the Education & Training Officer.


The Chair of the committee shall be a Fellow of the Society and shall sit on the External Relations Committee ex officio. Members will be chosen to ensure that all key areas of education are covered, eg the teaching profession; ESTA; University Geoscience UK. The Chair will normally retire after three years and the successor be chosen from amongst existing committee members.

The secretariat will be provided by the Education & Training Officer.

Method of working

The Education Committee will report to Council through the External Relations Committee; where relevant certain items will be circulated additionally to the Professional and Chartership Committee.

There will be up to four meetings a year and the Committee may establish advisory panels and time-limited working groups as required.

Committee Members


  • Matt Southern

Other Members

  • Angela Bentley
  • Andy Marwick
  • Amanda Owen
  • Simon Pinfield
  • Iram Sammar
  • Carol Sampey
  • Nick Sampson
  • Owain Thomas


  • Ashley Akingbade (Education Officer)
  • Sarah Quinn (Education Assistant)