After your degree

Postgraduate Study

Many students continue in higher education to study an applied postgraduate course in their chosen field, such as petroleum or mineral exploration, engineering, hydrogeology or environmental science. This is becoming increasingly important to begin a career as a professional geologist.

While some companies still hire without a specific Masters, this is becoming increasingly rare, as competition for positions is tough, especially in sectors strongly influenced by the financial markets, and graduate training costs are increasing. Many geological industry employers also favour students who can prove relevant industry experience such as a summer placement, or an industry-relevant undergraduate research project.

Other options

Many graduates work in sectors which are more tangentially linked to geology, but offer the opportunity to apply your skills straight after completing your degree.

Their skills are highly valued in a broad range of possible careers, including:

  • Science journalism / communication
  • Risk calculation & natural hazard modelling for insurance companies
  • Laboratory technician / supervisor
  • Civil Service
  • Computing-related careers – programme development / financial services etc