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Science Committee


  • To stimulate the advancement of geological knowledge and to facilitate communication among professional geoscientists in academia, industry and government through events, publications, and other outreach activities
  • To drive the delivery of the 2020 strategic science programme through support of the theme leaders and specialist groups and through the development and promotion of meetings and events
  • To develop a high quality and relevant programme of scientific meetings and events
  • To promote the scientific development of students and early career scientists by providing opportunities for engagement with the Society and the strategic science themes
  • To grow links between the strategic science programme and the Society’s books and journals to support the flow of high quality science between these two outlets

Terms of reference

The Science Committee has primary responsibility for the delivery of the strategic science programme, which it will do by supporting and amplifying the work of the theme leaders and specialist groups. The Committee will drive the delivery of the 2020 conference strategy, including through soliciting relevant proposals and being fully involved in the development and delivery of approved conferences. The group must be financially responsible in its decisions, and therefore mindful of the appeal of conferences and themes.

Each committee member will be responsible for contributing to conference development as an assigned Science Committee Liaison to the convenor group; through this role, they will report back to the Science Secretary and Science Committee on the development of the programme and flag any potential problems or highlight areas for collaboration or amplification. They should pay particular attention to the financial viability of the conference, and report to the Science Secretary and Director of Science and Communications if the conference is off track from its budget.

Each member will also be responsible for liaising with relevant specialist groups to ensure a clear flow of information between the groups and the committee.


Membership will consist of:
  • Science Secretary (Chair)
  •  5 or 6 seats for representatives from the specialist groups
  • 4 seats for Council members
  •  1 early career academic rep
  • A representative from the Stratigraphy Commission
  • The strategic science theme leaders
  • Additional seats as required to ensure full representation of academia and industry, to address fast moving areas, or to meet other needs, with membership not to fall below 14.
  • Staff members from GSL including the Director of Science and Communications, the Head of Policy and Engagement, the Head of Conference and Events, the Head of Editorial Development, the Editor of the Geoscientist, and other staff members will attend.
  •  The secretariat will be provided by a member of the conference team.

Method of working

The committee will meet three times a year, typically virtually, in February, June, and October. Committee members will also be asked to attend the specialist group AGM held immediately before the June committee meeting. The committee will report to Council through the Science Secretary.

Approved by Council June 2023

Committee Members


  • Dr Jennie Gilbert

Council members

  • Professor Mark Allen
  • Dr Anna Bird
  • Dr Michael Kehinde (Chair of External Relations Committee)
  • Dr Amanda Owen
  • Dr Chiara Maria Petrone

Other members

  • Dr Nick Gardiner (Theme leader: Energy Transition)
  • Dr Anna Hicks (Theme leader: Geohazards, Geoengineering and Georesilience)
  • Mr Richard O’Brien (Theme leader: Digital Geosciences)
  • Dr Natasha Stephen (Theme leader: Planetary Science)
  • Dr Helen Reeves (Specialist Group rep)
  • Dr Christopher Pearce (Specialist Group rep)
  • Ms Lu Allington-Jones (Specialist group rep)
  • Dr Mads Huuse (Specialist Group rep)
  • Mr Mike Streetly (Specialist Group rep)
  • Dr David Neave (Early Career rep)
  • Professor Graham Shields (Stratigraphy Commission rep)


  • Mr Simon Thompson (Chief Executive)
  • Dr Natasha Stephen (Director of Science & Engagement)
  • Mrs Emelia Spofforth-Jones (Head of Events)
  • Ms Becky Goddard (Senior Training Courses and Events Manager)
  • Ms Elisha McCowan (Event Coordinator – Training Courses and Conferences)
  • Dr Megan O’Donnell (Head of Policy & Communications)
  • Mr David Boyt (Head of Editorial Development)

Reporting committees