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Communicating geology: Time, Uncertainty and Risk

Geology for Society is now available in 13 European languages

Geological issues are increasingly prominent in the everyday lives of people across the UK – and professional geoscientists are having to learn to communicate their science better, to enable the wider population to participate in informed debate.

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Case Studies:

L'Aquila Earthquake, 6 April 2009

Geoscientist ArticleProphet without honour - Geoscientist Article, April 2009 on an Italian geologist reported to police for scaremongering after predicting the L’Aquila earthquake

external linkNature: Scientists on trial: At fault? - Article, September 2011
external linkNature: Shock and law - Article, October 2012


eventA restless volcano and restive volcanologists: Uncertain judgements and uncertain risks - Video - William Smith Medal Recipient, Willy Aspinall

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Geoscientist ArticleGeoscientist Magazine

external linkGSL Blog

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Aimed at policy and decision-makers as well as the wider public, 'Geology for Society' outlines the importance of geology to our society.