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The Green Stone Age: Exploration and Exploitation of Minerals for Green Technologies

Product Code: SP526
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Smelror, K. Hanghøj, H. Schiellerup
Publication Date: 21 June 2023
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Special Publication 526

Raw materials have been essential in the development of all human societies through history and moving into a greener, more carbon-lean future we become increasingly reliant on access to a growing number of raw materials. Minerals for new technologies improving the quality of our lives and the environment are the building blocks of the new Green Stone Age. This Special Publication presents ongoing research and mapping programmes focusing on minerals needed for the transformation to greener societies. In addition to new exploration models and shared geological information on the different prospective currently mined areas, the notion of criticality in different countries is discussed and examples of ongoing national and cross-country research and mapping programmes are presented. In addition to the resource/reserve and technical-economic aspects, the social and environmental dimensions are also a focus in some of the contributions, as holistic approaches to the exploration and exploitation of critical minerals and materials are needed to fulfil the green transition and goals for the Green Stone Age.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 16 June 2023

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205735
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 346
Weight: 1 kg



Smelror, M., Hanghøj, K. and Schiellerup, H. Entering the Green Stone Age – introduction

The path to zero: how geology is part of the solution

Watzel, R. Minerals for future technologies: how Germany copes with challenges

Gadd, M. G., Lawley, C. J. M., Corriveau, L., Houlé, M., Peter, J. M., Plouffe, A., Potter, E., Sappin, A.-A., Pilote, J.-L., Marquis, G. and Lebel, D. Public geoscience solutions for diversifying Canada’s critical mineral production

Jørgensen, L. F., Wittenberg, A., Deady, E., Kumelj, Š and Tulstrup, J. European mineral intelligence – collecting, harmonizing and sharing data on European raw materials

Hale, T. N. and Ali, S. H. Afghanistan’s mineral fortune: prospects for fuelling a green transition?

Jonsson, E., Törmänen, T., Keiding, J. K., Bjerkgård, T., Eilu, P., Pokki, J., Gautneb, H., Reginiussen, H., Rosa, D., Sadeghi, M., Sandstad, J. S. and Stendal, H. Critical metals and minerals in the Nordic countries of Europe: diversity of mineralization and green energy potential

Murguía, D. I. and Bastida, A. E. Critical and energy transition minerals in Argentina: mineral potential and challenges for strengthening public institutions

McGrath, E., O’Donnell, E. and Torremans, K. Digging our way to a Just Transition

Exploration for critical minerals

Bidgood, A. and Hitzman, M. New models to aid the discovery of critical raw material deposits for the Green Stone Age

Müller, A., Reimer, W., Wall, F., Williamson, B., Menuge, J., Brönner, M., Haase, C., Brauch, K., Pohl, C., Lima, A., Teodoro, A., Cardoso-Fernandes, J., Roda-Robles, E., Harrop, J., Smith, K., Wanke, D., Unterweissacher, T., Hopfner, M., Schröder, M., Clifford, B., Moutela, P., Lloret, C., Ranza, L. and Rausa, A. GREENPEG – exploration for pegmatite minerals to feed the energy transition: first steps towards the Green Stone Age

Decrée, S., Coint, N., Debaille, V., Hagen-Peter, G., Leduc, T. and Schiellerup, H. The potential for REEs in igneous-related apatite deposits in Europe

Gautneb, H., Rønning, J. S. and Larsen, B. E. A step towards meeting battery raw material demand: the geology and exploration of graphite deposits, examples from northern Norway

Mykhailov, V. A., Hrinchenko, O. V. and Malyuk, B. I. Exploration and mining perspectives of the critical elements for green technologies in Ukraine

Exploration frontiers: seabed mineral deposits

González, F. J., Medialdea, T., Schiellerup, H., Zananiri, I., Ferreira, P., Somoza, L., Monteys, X., Alcorn, T., Marino, E., Lobato, A. B., Zalba-Balda, Íñigo, Kuhn, T., Nyberg, J., Malyuk, B., Magalhães, V., Hein, J. R. and Cherkashov, G. MINDeSEA: exploring seabed mineral deposits in European seas, metallogeny and geological potential for strategic and critical raw materials

Ellefmo, S. L., Aberle, N., Hagspiel, V., Ingulstad, M. and Aasly, K. Marine minerals’ role in future holistic mineral resource management



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