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Martian Gullies and their Earth Analogues

Product Code: SP467
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S.J. Conway, J.L. Carrivick, P.A. Carling, T. de Haas and T.N. Harrison
Publication Date: 22 January 2019
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Special Publication 467

Gullies on Mars resemble terrestrial gullies involved in the transport of abundant material down steep slopes by liquid water. However, liquid water should not be stable at the Martian surface. The articles in this volume present the two main opposing theories for Martian gully formation: climate-driven melting of surficial water-ice deposits and seasonal dry-ice sublimation. The evidence presented ranges from remote-sensing observations, to experimental simulations, to comparison with Earth analogues. The opposing hypotheses imply either that Mars has been unusually wet in the last few million years or that it has remained a cold dry desert – both with profound implications for understanding the water budget of Mars and its habitability. The debate questions the limits of remote-sensing data and how we interpret active processes on extra-terrestrial planetary surfaces, even beyond those on Mars, as summarized by the review paper at the beginning of the book.

Published online and print copies available from 22/01/2019.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786203601
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 440
Weight: 1.1 kg


Conway, S. J., de Haas, T., Harrison, T. N., Carling, P. A. & Carrivick, J. Martian gullies and their Earth analogues: introduction

Conway, S. J., de Haas, T. & Harrison, T. N. Martian gullies: a comprehensive review of observations, mechanisms and insights from Earth analogues

Martian remote sensing

Dundas, C. M., McEwen, A. S., Diniega, S., Hansen, C. J., Byrne, S. & McElwaine, J. N. The formation of gullies on Mars today

Diniega, S., Hansen, C. J., Allen, A., Grigsby, N., Li, Z., Perez, T. & Chojnacki, M. Dune-slope activity due to frost and wind throughout the north polar erg, Mars

Jouannic, G., Conway, S. J., Gargani, J., Costard, F., Massé, M., Bourgeois, O., Carter, J., Schmidt, F., Marmo, C., Ori, G. G., Nachon, M. & Pasquon, K. Morphological characterization of landforms produced by springtime seasonal activity on Russell Crater megadune, Mars

Pasquon, K., Gargani, J., Nachon, M., Conway, S. J., Massé, M., Jouannic, G., Balme, M. R., Costard, F. & Vincendon, M. Are different Martian gully morphologies due to different processes on the Kaiser dune field?

de Haas, T., Conway, S. J., Butcher, F. E. G., Levy, J., Grindrod, P. M., Goudge, T. A. & Balme, M. R. Time will tell: temporal evolution of Martian gullies and palaeoclimatic implications

Conway, S. J., Harrison, T. N., Soare, R. J., Britton, A. W. & Steele, L. J. New slope-normalized global gully density and orientation maps for Mars

Harrison, T. N., Tornabene, L. L., Osinski, G. R. & Conway, S. J. Thermal inertia variations from gully and mass-wasting activity in Gasa crater, Mars

Soare, R. J., Conway, S. J., Gallagher, C., Dohm, J. M. & Reiss, D. Periglacial complexes and the deductive evidence of ‘wet’-flows at the Hale impact crater, Mars

Gulick, V. C., Glines, N., Hart, S. & Freeman, P. Geomorphological analysis of gullies on the central peak of Lyot Crater, Mars

Earth analogues

Hauber, E., Sassenroth, C., de Vera, J.-P., Schmitz, N., Jaumann, R., Reiss, D., Hiesinger, H. & Johnsson, A. Debris flows and water tracks in northern Victoria Land, continental East Antarctica: a new terrestrial analogue site for gullies and recurrent slope lineae on Mars

Dickson, J. L., Head, J. W., Levy, J. S., Morgan, G. A. & Marchant, D. R. Gully formation in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: multiple sources of water, temporal sequence and relative importance in gully erosion and deposition processes

Sinha, R. K., Vijayan, S., Shukla, A. D., Das, P. & Bhattacharya, F. Gullies and debris-flows in Ladakh Himalaya, India: a potential Martian analogue

Laboratory simulations

Sylvest, M. E., Dixon, J. C., Conway, S. J., Patel, M. R., McElwaine, J. N., Hagermann, A. & Barnes, A. CO2 sublimation in Martian gullies: laboratory experiments at varied slope angle and regolith grain sizes

Herny, C., Conway, S. J., Raack, J., Carpy, S., Colleu-Banse, T. & Patel, M. R. Downslope sediment transport by boiling liquid water under Mars-like conditions: experiments and potential implications for Martian gullies

Auld, K. S. & Dixon, J. C. An experimental investigation into Martian gully formation: a slush-flow model



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