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Rock Physics and Geomechanics in the Study of Reservoirs and Repositories

Product Code: SP284
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C. David and M. Le Ravalec-Dupin
Publication Date: 31 October 2007
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The study of reservoir and repository performance requires the integration of many different fields in Earth sciences, among them rock physics and geomechanics. The aim of this book is to emphasize how rock physics and geomechanics help to get a better insight into important issues linked to reservoir management for exploitation of natural resources, and to repository safety assessment for hazardous waste storage in geological environments. The studies presented here deal with the hydromechanical coupling in fractured rocks, the key experiments in safety assessment of repositories, the development of damaged zones during excavation in a shaley formation, the influence of temperature on the properties of shales, the poroelastic response of sandstones, the development and propagation of compaction bands in reservoir rocks, imaging techniques of geomaterials, the characterization and modelling of reservoirs using 4D seismic data, the mechanical behaviour of fractured rock masses, the petrophysical properties of fault zones, models for rock deformation by pressure solution and the elastic anisotropy in cracked rocks.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-230-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-230-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 232
Weight: 0.74 kg


Rock physics and geomechanics in the study of reservoirs and repositories, C. David, M. le Ravalec-Dupin • Fractured rock hydromechanics: from borehole testing to solute transport and CO² storage, C.-F. Tsang, J. Rutqvist, K.-B. Min • Overview of key experiments on repository characterisation in the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory, P. Bossart • Velocity survey of an excavation damaged zone: influence of excavation and reloading, J. Damaj, C. Balland, G. Armand, T. Verdel, D. Amitrano, F. Homand • Temperature-induced evolution of the elastic and magnetic anisotropy in argillite samples from Bure underground research laboratory, eastern France, P. Robion, C. David, J. C. Colombier • Investigation of the undrained poroelastic response of sandstones to confining pressure via laboratory experiment, numerical simulation and analytical calculation, G. Blöcher, D. Bruhn, G. Zimmermann, C. McDermott, E. Huenges • Compaction bands and the formation of slot-shaped breakouts in St. Peter sandstone, B. Haimson, A. Klaetsch • Model for compaction band propagation, J. W. Rudnicki • Characterization of pore space heterogeneity in sandstone by X-ray computed tomography, L. Louis, P. Baud, T.-F. Wong • Using production data and time domain seismic attributes for history matching, A. Fornel, M. Mezghani, V. Langlais • Influence of persistence on behaviour of fractured rock masses, B. H. Kim, P. K. Kaiser, G. Grasselli • Using physical properties to understand the porosity network geometry evolution in gradually altered granites in damage zones, M. Rosener, Y. Géraud • Numerical modelling of pressure solution deformation at axisymmetric asperities under normal load, Y. Bernabe, B. Evans • Weak elastic anisotropy in a cracked rock, T.-F. Wong, W. Zhu


Robert Walsh

……….there are some excellent reviews in this collection, and some very interesting theoretical and experimental work is presented.

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