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The Geometry and Petrogenesis of Dolomite Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Product Code: SP235
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C. J. R. Braithwaite, G. Rizzi and G. Darke
Publication Date: 07 January 2005
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The wide distribution of dolomite rocks in North American, Middle- and Far-Eastern hydrocarbon reservoirs is reason enough for their intensive study. In this volume dolomite enthusiasts review progress and define the current boundaries of dolomite research, related particularly to the importance of these rocks as reservoirs. As might be expected, reviews provide critical analyses of past ideas on origins and why many are no longer tenable. Discussions range between conceptual models and numerical simulations of the flow paths of dolomitizing fluids, geochemical modelling, and microbial mediation. Case studies from areas as diverse as North America, the Middle East, South-east Asia and Australia provide a solid background but illustrate important differences in views on the origins of these enigmatic rocks

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-166-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-166-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 424
Weight: 1.12 kg


The geometry and petrogenesis of dolomite hydrocarbon reservoirs: introduction, C J R Braithwaite, G Rizzi, G Darke • Concepts and models of dolomitization: a critical reappraisal, H G Machel • Sedimentary dolomite: a reality check, D T Wright, D Wacey • Irish Lower Carboniferous replacement dolomite: isotopic modelling evidence for a diagenetic origin involving low-temperature modified-seawater, W R Wright, I D Somerville, J M Gregg, K L Shelton, A W Johnson • Dolomitization: from conceptual to numerical models, F F Whitaker, P L Smart, G D Jones • Origin and petrophysics of dolostone pore space, F J Lucia • Basin fluid flow, base-metal sulphide mineralization and the development of dolomite petroleum reservoirs, J M Gregg • Predicting and characterizing fractures in dolostone reservoirs: using the link between diagenesis and fracturing, J F W Gale, S E Laubach, R A Marrett, J E Olson, J Holder, R M Reed • Reservoir properties of Arab carbonates, Al Rayyan Field, offshore Qatar, D Clark, J Heaviside, K Habib • Porosity and permeability in Miocene carbonate platforms of the Marion Plateau, offshore NE Australia: relationships to stratigraphy, facies, and dolomitization, S N Ehrenberg • Dolomites in SE Asia - varied origins and implications for hydrocarbon exploration, A J H Carnell, M E J Wilson • Patterned dolomites: microbial origins and clues to vanished evaporites in the Arab Formation, Upper Jurassic, Arabian Gulf, A Kirkham • Palaeozoic dolomite reservoirs in the Permian Basin, SW USA: stratigraphic distribution, porosity, permeability and production, A H Saller • Contrasting patterns of pore-system modification due to dolomitization and fracturing in Dinantian, basin margin carbonates from the UK, J E Bouch, A E Milodowski, K Ambrose • Geometry and origin of dolomudstone reservoirs: Pekisko Formation (Lower Caboniferous), western Canada, J C Hopkins • Early dolomitization and fluid migration through the Lower Carboniferous carbonate platform in the SE Irish Midlands: implications for reservoir attributes, Z R Nagy, J M Gregg, K L Shelton, S P Becker, I D Somerville, A W Johnson • Mulhall, C.M. Sevastopulo, G.D. Genesis of some Carboniferous dolomites in the south and east of Ireland, C M Mulhall, G D Sevastopulo • 


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