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Second Lieutenant Reginald Cooksey Burton

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Fellowship details: No.4861, elected 14 Jun 1911.

Born: 10 March 1890
Died: 9 April 1916, Mesopotamia.


Reginald Cooksey Burton, born on 10 March 1890, graduated from the University of Durham with a BSc (distinction in geology) in 1910. In January 1912, he joined the Geological Survey of India as Assistant-Superintendent and was posted to the Central Provinces where he studied the origins of calcareous gneisses and bauxite of the area and adjoining districts. Burton joined the Indian Army Reserve of Officers early in April 1915, and after a short training in India, was attached to the 104th Rifles in Mesopotamia, where he shot by a sniper, dying two days later on 9 April 1916.  

Memorial: Basra Memorial.


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